S.I.N Gin Cocktails Made with Cape Town Gin

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A gin and tonic is a classic drink, of course, but gin is so much more than just a GnT. Introducing a S.I.Nful range of new tempting fruit-flavoured, ready-to-drink gin cocktails. There are four flavours in the range, so you’re bound to find something that suits your palate.

Summer Sinfulness

S.I.N. stands for Summer Infused Nights, and just one indulgent sip of S.I.N  is all you need to find respite on a hot summer’s night. Blended with the award-winning Cape Town Gin range, these drinks are S.I.Nfully smooth and devilishly delicious. With an alcohol level of only 5% you can enjoy a few over the course of a day by the pool or while dancing the night away.

Not for the virtuous in the most delicious way.

The S.I.N Gin Cocktails Range

Find the flavour that most suits your mood…

High Tea Cucumber – S.I.N.ister in its crispness. Made with Cape Town Gin Classic Dry gin and the cool flavour of cucumber.

Tropical Pink Grapefruit – cerise, S.I.N.tillating and sexy. Made with Cape Town Gin The Pink Lady gin blended with the tropical flavour of juicy grapefruit.

Summer Orange – luscious, juicy and guilty as S.I.N. Made with Cape Town Gin Rooibos Red gin and the flavours of ripe summer oranges.

Mediterranean Dry Lemon – S.I.N.gularly sophisticated. Made with Cape Town Gin Classic Dry gin and the crisp flavour of sun-dried lemons.

Available in a 275ml bottle; served chilled as is, or poured over ice with your favourite garnish. S.I.N is bringing sexy back and is destined to become a favourite at some of the countries hottest clubs and bars.

S.I.N is available at selected retail stores and online at Takealot.com

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