Shining the Spotlight On Our Local Heroes at the Galileo Cinema

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The Galileo Open Air Cinema is proud to announce the success of the second annual event of their ‘Local Heroes’ campaign, partnering with incredible brands including Spur Steak Ranches and their Full Tummy Fund, as well as Cape Town Magazine, Magic828 Music Radio and Coca-Cola.


Local HeroesOn Friday 13th March at Century City’s Central Park venue, over 700 publically-nominated local heroes were treated to a family-friendly movie screening, a meal by Spur Steak Ranches and a beverage thanks to Coca Cola South Africa.

Media partners in Magic 828 and Cape Town Magazine, as well as the Cape Town public at large, all helped to spread the word and find these deserving individual do-gooders or charitable organisations and initiatives that are focused on making the lives of others better.

The hopes for next year are to grow this into an even bigger and better initiative, with the help of great partners.


Local Heroes
To all those who supported this year, we thank you and look forward to hearing your nominations in 2021 and for our next summer season.

The idea behind the campaign, especially with the rise of bad news, is to showcase the good and share some great news stories of the individuals and organisations who go above and beyond as our ‘everyday local heroes’

We hope that a night off, a word of thanks and some recognition goes a little way to showcasing our appreciation.

With a huge thanks to Spur Steak Ranches and their Spur Foundation, focused on its Full Tummy Fund, over 700 burgers were enjoyed by all. This foundation funds early childhood development projects with the main focus on teacher training and nutritional programmes at informal Day Care Centres across South Africa, proudly feeding over 800 children a nutritional meal every school day, year on year.


Local HeroesThe Galileo Open Air Cinema plans to make this an annual event as part of their screening calendar and would like to invite businesses and individuals alike to be part of this community initiative and suggest ways to amplify the success of this project.


The Galileo Open Air Cinema is saddened to announce that all upcoming screenings have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While they are absolutely gutted by the abrupt end to the season, they feel that it is the responsibility of events such as these to play an active role in the prevention of spreading. All current ticket holders would have been contacted regarding this. We encourage ticket holders to hang on to their tickets for next season – small businesses will need all the help they can get. | Facebook | Email

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