10 Seriously Tasty and Healthy Vegan Quorn Recipes

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vegan quorn recipesEating a plant-based vegan diet is an amazing way to lessen your impact on the environment. It can be really tasty and exciting too with the Quorn range of vegan products.  Take a look at this round-up of vegan Quorn recipes for some delicious inspiration. Trust us, you’ll want to get into the kitchen and started straight away.

Vegan Quorn Recipes

Tasty Vegan Quorn Recipes


These small bites are perfect to kick off a meal and are also great finger foods for entertaining.

1. Quorn Vegan Piece Pakoras with Mango and Coconut Chutney

Deliciously crisp and beautifully spiced vegan pakoras with a sweet fruit chutney. We just love this vegan take on this traditional Indian snack.

Get this Vegan Pakora recipe

2. Vegan Bonda with a Garlic and Mustard Pickle

Dip these fritters in a crunchy chickpea batter and fry till golden brown. Served with a sweet and tangy dipping sauce, they’re a great snack or party food idea. You won’t be able to stop at just one.

Get this Vegan Bonda with recipe

Vegan Quorn Recipes
Vegan Quorn Recipes

Vegan Quorn Recipes – Bread Course

A good naan or flatbread is an integral part of Indian cuisine. In these two recipes, these get a modern, vegan update and they are delish!

3. Parathas with a Curried Quorn Vegan Nugget Filling served with Mango Chutney

Deliciously spiced, stuffed pan breads go perfectly with the sweet mango chutney for dipping.

Get this vegan Parathas recipe

4. Spinach Rotis with Spicy Aubergine Spread, Avocado Salsa & Sliced Quorn Vegan Schnitzels

Homemade rotis get a bit of an update with some added spinach that not only looks beautiful but tastes great as well – perfect for encasing fillings or for mopping up your favourite curry.

Get this vegan Spinach Roti recipe

Vegan Quorn Recipes
Vegan Quorn Recipes

Vegan Quorn Recipes – Mighty Mains

These vegan main dishes will satisfy any hunger. Get your friends around and get them involved in building their own sarmies or grilling jaffles – it makes for a fun, interactive dining experience.

5. Naan Sandwiches with Quorn Hot and Spicy Burgers

This is the ultimate gourmet Indian sandwich – plant-based and packed with interesting flavours, all in one bite.

Get this Naan Sandwich recipe 

6. Quorn Vegan Hot and Spicy Burger Jaffles with Coriander Sauce

Indian-spiced toasted sandwiches which are fun, delicious and packed with flavour.

Get this vegan Burger Jaffle recipe

Vegan Quorn Recipes
Vegan Quorn Recipes

7. Quorn Vegan Burger with Carrot Slaw

A yummy vegan burger served with onion rings and hot fennel and rainbow carrot slaw. Love your burger with mayo? Try this vegan aquafaba mayo recipe.

Get this vegan burger recipe 

8. Quorn Vegan Crumbed Schnitzel with Beetroot and Parsnip Rosti

Quorn vegan crumbed schnitzel with beetroot and parsnip rosti, seared asparagus and roasted exotic tomatoes.

Get this vegan Crumbed Schnitzel recipe

Vegan Quorn Recipes
Vegan Quorn Recipes

Vegan Quorn Recipes Enjoyable Eats

Vegan food gets a bad rap for being unexciting but that’s simply not true. Check out these bright and tasty dishes.

9. French Toast with Quorn Vegan Savoury Pieces

This meal can be enjoyed at any time of the day, ideal for lunch or a light supper.

Get this vegan French Toast recipe

10. Vegan Asian Quorn Salad

This easy Vegan Asian Quorn Salad recipe is quick to whip up and the dressing is full of punchy Asian flavours. An easy go-to recipe for lunch.

Get this vegan Asian Quorn Salad recipe

Vegan Quorn Recipes
Vegan Quorn Recipes

Do you want to know how to make your own vegan mayonnaise? Check out this Aquafaba Vegan Mayonnaise recipe.

Check out these easy vegan substitutes that will help with converting to a vegan diet.

vegan quorn recipes

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