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Experience Self Care & Positive Energy at Angala

Words: Julie Velosa

The world, and all of us in it, have been through the wringer of late, so any type of getaway that encourages self care and offers quality relaxation feels like something that should be prioritised. If that’s the kind of break you’re after, then put Angala Boutique Hotel at the top of your list. Set against a backdrop of the Simonsberg Nature Reserve, Angala is a secluded getaway with a unique ‘self-spa’ element that encourages recuperation and wellness from the get-go.

Angala from front

On Heavenly Ground

A winding road that goes past Vrede en Lust Wine Estate takes you up to the heavenly grounds of Angala. That old adage that first impressions last really resonates here – the lush gardens and 360º views give that immediate feeling of gratitude for nature.

Every corner of the property is beautifully landscaped, from the immaculate carpet-like lawns to the beds that are populated with white, pink and purple flowers. There is an overall sense of serenity and peacefulness that provides absolute respite from the city.

From its position perched up on the hills Angala benefits from views over the valley and vineyards below, as well as being surrounded by mountains and reserve. No matter which direction you’re looking in, there’s something pretty to be entranced by.

Breathtaking views from every angle.

The Rooms

Angala has 10 rooms and a garden cottage and sleeps 22 in total; rooms are situated at the front and back of the property, with the communal pools and relaxation areas in the middle. We were met as we arrived at the doorstep and were swiftly checked in, observing Covid protocols, and shown to our room.room at angalabathroom angalaOur luxurious suite had a lounge area, king-sized bed (the kind you immediately want to flop right onto), a stoep overlooking the gardens, a roomy bathroom with tub, double shower, plus a gorgeous outdoor shower. What bliss.

Take Your Time

Self care at Angala is key and is really encouraged. The idea is to arrive, settle in and take some time for yourself, which is a directive that we were fully onboard with. The hotel offers several options for hydrotherapy – an eco pool that is completely filtered by the aquatic plants that surround it. With no added chemicals, it is a beautiful example of the natural ecosystems that occur in nature.There is also a jacuzzi, an ozonated pool and steam and sauna rooms that overlook the pools. The set up allows you to use all the facilities as you like, no bookings needed and no separate male/female areas, which for a couple makes a nice change. You can take a relaxed steam or sauna, enjoy the pools and spend quality time together.

If you want to enjoy more me-time, you can arrange for additional spa services, this will be booked for you and mobile therapists will come to your room to do the treatments. This even further enhances the experience as there is no pressure to be anywhere – the relaxation basically comes to you.

Private yoga tutoring is also an optional extra, in fact the venue would be a blissful space for a full retreat.

In these stunning surroundings a moment of mindful meditation in a corner of the garden is also just as special.

Wine Tasting and Exploring the Winelands

Angala is well-positioned to explore the Winelands, but you may find it a challenge to ‘exit the bubble’ as I termed it. Our stay included wine tasting at both Rupert & Rothschild (next door) and Vrede en Lust (on the way in). Considering that we hadn’t been to either in a while, we decided that we should pop out and do some wine tasting.

Being that both are so close (with many others literally a stone’s throw away) you are spoilt for choice really. Of course, there is no judgment if you choose to stay ensconced in nature with a good book and plenty of fresh air.

While it was lovely to visit the farms, I felt an invisible tug back to the comfort of Angala and, admittedly, did find myself giving a gentle exhale when we were back poolside again.

Dining at Angala

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered at Angala and the service is exclusively for staying guests. Meals are served in the dining area, which has both inside and outside seating set up above the pool area, with the sounds of the fountains below.

Breakfast included yoghurt with a jar of delicious nutty granola, freshly prepared fruit and then a cooked breakfast as well.Anagla-restaurant

For dinner that evening the chef had prepared a stunning smoked salmon and avocado dish with a divine tomato oil dressing (that I would have snuck out of the kitchen and taken home with me if I could have found it). For mains, a perfectly cooked springbok loin with veggies, and for dessert and oozy, melty chocolate fondant (always a winner) with a lovely tart berry coulis for balance.

Given that the restaurant only caters for guests, it is a peaceful and attentive experience; there is a great wine list, with several excellent wines offered by the glass.

A Sense of Family

Angala is family-owned and there is a definite familial sense – the venue is set up in a way that feels like a home built with entertaining in mind. In fact, it would be a perfect venue for a group booking, as the communal facilities are central to the property, while the rooms offer privacy.

Plenty of indoor and outdoor lounging areas and a stunning (huge) fireplace, also with plenty of seating, will make it absolutely ideal for a group traveling together, especially for a celebration.

Why You Should Visit

To sum it up succinctly, Angala is hard to leave. Living a fast-paced modern life is difficult enough as it is, without a global pandemic thrown into the mix. Even though we are all hyper aware of our health currently, always looking for signs of a cough and panicking at the onset of what could be a Covid symptom, are we actually taking time to be well? Are we paying heed to our hearts and our heads, as well as our physical health?

There are so many aspects of Angala that encourage you to really wind down – sitting on the stoep watching birds twittering at the birdbath, taking a cool shower outdoors in the dappled light of the overhanging trees, relaxing by the pool nose-deep in a great novel or simply napping in your room, taking respite from the Winelands heat… all of which we did.

How ever it is that you choose to spend your time, there is absolutely no doubt that you will leave feeling hugely restored and ready to face life’s busy schedule again. Angala offers heavenly escapism and a space to actually stop, to breathe, to decompress and just exist…

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