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If you know anything at all about Hobbits, you will know that while they have a pipe smoking habit and a penchant for gold trinkets, they do have one thing down pat… and that is their eating schedule. They eat six meals a day – breakfast is followed by second breakfast, which is followed by elevenses, luncheon and so it goes on. This contented Halfling lifestyle, filled with good food and even better ale, is one we could fully devote ourselves to; it is also the inspiration behind Cape Town Food Truck’s newest truck Second Breakfast. Look out for this zippy, pink tuk-tuk that will be popping up at popular Cape Town markets and events, providing tasty treats to us, as well as any Hobbits who might’ve wandered beyond the Shire. We catch up with owner, and fan of multiple mealtimes, Firdose Moonda to find out more.

You’re a journalist, how did the concept of a cake toting tuk-tuk come to you?

I travel a lot as a journalist and because the work is so hectic, often the most I ever see of another country is the restaurants and so, over time, I became fascinated by food culture and wanted to write about food. I’ve dabbled in it, but found opportunities in food journalism are more scarce than sports journalism! So, I wanted to do something different. I hoped that by getting involved in the food business, I’d be able to write more about it – whether on a blog, or by the business generating enough income so that I could write what I liked! The latter is very far from happening.

Is this just a side gig to your full time job, or are you looking to go pro?

For now it’s a side gig. I still enjoy sports writing and I’m lucky enough to work from home, so I can do them both. I’m also studying a course in nutrition so I will see where the road takes me.

What can people expect to find being served from Second Breakfast?

I’m still working on the product range. For now, I have traditional cupcakes, cinnamon buns, gingerbread men and biscuits. I am planning to introduce smoothies and a bread selection, as well as a lot of healthy options too.

Do you bake any of the goods yourself or are they sourced?

Everything I sell is sourced. The cupcakes are supplied by Denise’s Delights in Sea Point. Denise has been in baking for almost as long as I’ve been alive and they are made according to her special recipe. They are extra scrumptious, moist (a biggie for me because I hate dry cake), and spongy, with just enough icing. She supplies me with six flavours of which my favorite is Bar One – a dark choc indulgence topped with ganache. The vanilla is popular too and the carrot packs a real crunch.

Although I love baking, I don’t have the time, or the capacity, to bake on a large scale. But that may change..

How do you stop yourself from eating all the stock?

I’m really into looking after my health, so I rarely venture too far down treat lane. When I do, I make sure I run an extra kilometre the next day.

Finally, where can people experience Second Breakfast?

The tuk-tuk is available for private events primarily, but will be setting up at markets soon. We will be at the Liliput Market in Durbanville in May.

For bookings contact Firdose @

or Cape Town Food Trucks @

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