Busting Pork Myths: Cooking Pork Fillet Perfectly with SA Pork

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There’s a definite misconception that pork needs to be cooked to well done but we’re here to bust that myth! Pork fillet is a juicy and lean cut that can be served slightly pink, retaining juiciness and flavour. This Father’s Day, spoil your special pops with a one-of-a-kind meal of a cast iron skillet of silky onions and mushrooms, with slices of perfectly blushing pork fillet. We hope we’ll inspire you to create this Father’s Day Meal with SA Pork for your dad, uncle, grandpa or father figure. We know he’ll love it.

Father’s Day Meal with SA Pork

THE MYTH: Pork has to be cooked and served well done.
THE TRUTH: Pork can actually be enjoyed blushing pink and juicy.

How to Prepare Your Pork Fillet

First off, you want to trim your pork fillet of any silver skin/sinewy bits. Simply lift the silver skin and run a sharp knife along the base and then discard.

Mixing the Dry Rub

Smoky flavours work well with pork, so we’ve created a dry rub of some of our favourite flavours like cumin, garlic and smoked paprika to name a few. Mix the rub together to combine all the spices evenly.

Brush the pork fillet with olive oil and then generously apply the rub, rolling the fillet to evenly coat all sides.

The Cooking

Heat a cast iron pan and grill the marinated pork fillet. Caramelise the crust of dry spices for 1 minute per side, building charred flavour. Be sure to check the pork with a digital thermometer by inserting at the thickest part. You are looking for the pork to be about 60-61 ºC, then remove it from the pan.

While it rests it will rise another couple of degrees and will still be blushing pink when sliced at 62-63º C. Allow it to rest for 5 minutes, then slice and serve on a bed of silky onions and mushrooms that you prepared as the pork was resting with the dry rub.

Smoky BBQ Spiced Pork Fillet with Skillet Onions and Mushrooms

Whether you’re camping, having a meal at home or simply want to spoil dad with something rugged and tasty, this skillet of slowly caramelised onions with mushroom and fresh thyme is spot on. Served with a blushing pink and juicy pork fillet with all the smoky notes that he loves.

Get the recipe for this Smoky BBQ Spiced Pork Fillet with Skillet Onions & Mushrooms

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