Pongracz toasts its 25-year Anniversary

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Pongrácz, South Africa’s leading Méthode Cap Classique celebrates 25 years of pioneering prowess in the Méthode Cap Classique category and marked this special occasion recently in an avant-garde city space in the heart of Cape Town’s trendy De Waterkant.

Working in close association with CAAM Gallery owner, Jean du Plessis, conceptual decor artist Alwijn Burger of Blomboy and Chef Steffen Olivier of The Chef’s Bench, Pongrácz combined art, food and flower installations to take guests on a symbolic journey of the brand in a multi-levelled space.

Pongrácz boldly made its debut in 1990 in honour of the pioneering spirit and life’s work of Desiderius Pongrácz, at a time when Méthode Cap Classique was in its infancy. Made in the classic French tradition but proudly on South African soil, Pongrácz is composed of two noble grape varieties, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which Pongrácz helped to establish in the Cape during his tenure as viticulturist.

pongracz- pairing event

After a quarter of a century, Pongrácz still embodies the pioneering legacy of the intrepid trailblazer whose passion, vision, intellect and tenacity broke new ground in the South African vineyard.

“There is no doubt that Pongie, as he was fondly called by his friends, was a true pioneer who challenged established traditions. He left his mark on the landscape and in the hearts of his friends who produced Pongrácz in honour and celebration of his brave and bold life. It is only fitting that Pongrácz still enjoys its market leader status with its enduring quality and longevity,” says Marketing Manager, Kelly Heinrich.

After leading the Cap Classique wave for over a decade with the Brut, Pongrácz raised the bar even further with the launch of the grande cuvée, Desiderius, in 2002, and a Brut Rosé in 2009.

Rising to the challenge of creating unexpected, bold pairings to showcase the character and versatility of each of these three Pongrácz Cap Classiques, Chef Olivier created an elaborate menu of unexpected combinations.

pongracz food pairing

“With its beautiful balance of crisp acidity and fragrant green apples, finished off with subtle brioche, the Pongrácz Brut is a perfect match for oysters with apple, wild ginger and rosemary, but I wouldn’t hesitate to pair a glass or two with deconstructed sushi,” says the chef who specialises in creating extraordinary private dining events.

For the blushing Pongrácz Rosé with its red berry notes, Olivier whipped up delicious sous-vide duck, wild mushroom with a dash of kale salt and a hint of truffle. “Sprinkle the salt before taking the first bite to bring out all these rich flavours for an unforgettable Cap Classique experience.”

Pongracz pairing

The signature cuvée, Desiderius, has a rich complexity, nuances of deciduous fruit, almonds and freshly baked bread which delights ones senses paired with citrus fanciers and burnt orange. “And if you want to go all out, a smooth Méthode Cap Classique ice cream and candied ginger is a fantastic pairing with a flute of this grande cuvée,” notes Olivier.

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