Stop By for Pre-Dinner Snacks & Drinks at Pintxos Bar at Sotano

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Along the coast of Northern Spain, particularly San Sebastian, the concept of pintxos is part of everyday life. Taking in the sun-drenched sea views, sipping on wine and tucking into tapas-style snacks is the quintessential way to enjoy a balmy evening. It’s no surprise then that this concept has found its way to the vibey heart of Cape Town’s Bree Street, at Pintxos Bar at Sotano.

All in a name: Pintxos (pronounced ‘peen-chos’) is the name given to small bites of food. The word is a derivative of the Spanish word for ‘pierce’,as the bite-sized snacks are often served on a toothpick. 

Pintxos Bar at Sotano

Not quite ready to hit the town? Need a nibble and the first drink of the evening? The Pintxos Bar at Sotano fills the gap for a stylish spot to do just that. The relaxed yet vibey atmosphere is ideal to unwind and the menu has all sorts to choose from.

Expect traditional combinations served atop crispy bread such as tuna remoulade with sliced black olives; cream cheese and aioli with anchovy and basil pesto and prawn with boiled egg and salmon roe.

Variations include small bowls with octopus, skewers with chorizo, marinated peppers and black olives. Sardines and green olives, crispy squid and ham and cheese croquettes (definitely a favourite).

Prosciutto from Richard Bosman is also on display on the bone for carving and serving. Pintxos range from R15 to R50 per item.

Pintxos Bar at Sotano

There are also small hot items to choose from, we tried the mushroom ragout with confit egg yolk and the braised beef cheek with mash, which were both utterly sublime.

The cocktail and wine menus have also been specially curated. Wines will change often as only small lots of unique bottles are brought in, so expect to try new things. The cocktails are crafted by the bar team and are imaginative and delicious. We loved The Cuban, complete with a smoking cinnamon stick that had us do a double take.

The Pintxos Bar is open from 16hoo onwards and is just waiting to welcome you for a San Sebastian-esque start to your evening.

Pintxos Bar at Sotano
Sotano, 199 Bree Street, Cape Town 8000
Tel: 021 422 0567 | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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