Pesto Princess Colour Lids – A New Look!

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It’s long been the plan for Pesto Princess to differentiate their pesto range with each bottle having its own coloured lid, making it easy to pick out your favourite from the shelf. That plan has been realised and shoppers will soon see this bright and funky looking range on shelves in-store.

Which pesto is your favourite?

There are eight flavour-packed pesto sauces in the range. From Thai Pesto which is bursting with fresh coriander and chilli, to Basil & Lemon Pesto which is 100% vegan, each one is preservative and colourant free.

Where to find Pesto Princess

Find the Pesto Princess colour lid range in the fridges of selected SPAR stores, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Food Lover’s Market, Wellness Warehouse and speciality food stores in the Western Cape or selected Checkers stores in Gauteng.

The New look Pesto Princess Colour Lids Range

Say hello to colour with the launch of Pesto Princess colour lids. Recipes are just the same as always, but each pesto variant now has its own brightly coloured lid making it easier to spot on shelf.

Pesto Princess Colour Lids

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