The New Russell Hobbs NUTRIMASTER

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These days convenience is king, especially in the kitchen. We all have busy lives and appliances that can save us time are always going to be popular. Couple this with awesome health benefits and you have a winning combo! Introducing the ultimate versatile high-speed blender with cutting-edge vacuum technology, the new Russell Hobbs NUTRIMASTER!


What makes Nutrimaster Unique?

The NUTRIMASTER is a world-class innovation high-speed blender which uses the most advanced anti-oxidisation technology to preserve ingredients and retain more nutrients and flavour. Sounds exactly like the blender upgrade you have been looking for? It gets better.

Anti-oxidisation is Key!

The NUTRIMASTER removes oxygen from the blending process to limit nutrient loss and ensures you’re getting the most from your blended ingredients by dramatically reducing the separation. Further enhancing the colour and flavour of the blended ingredients resulting in even smoother consistency.

The Need-to-Know Details of the Nutrimaster

The NUTRIMASTER includes a 1.8 litre BPA free jug ensuring everyone has a nutritious glass of smoothie on the first load with powerful stainless blades to break down ingredients more effectively.

This is coupled with a powerful 1500W motor running at a maximum speed of 25 000 revolutions per minute (RPM) and an LED display panel with seven functions namely; Smoothie, Soup (cold), Sauce, Grind, Ice, Fruit and Pulse functions to choose from.

Variable speed settings, as per the pre-selected functions, ensure that your ingredients get blended at just the right speed – simple, quick and delicious recipes ranging from super green smoothies to Gazpacho soup and much more and at your fingertips!

The latest in nutritional innovation, the NUTRIMASTER sure is the science of food preparation because a small change in how you prepare your food can make all the difference.

Recommended Selling Price: R2499 only available at and Pick ‘n Pay stores from mid-November.

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