New Rootstock Biltong Crisps

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Biltong is a South African national treasure. It comes in many shapes and forms – some like it super dry, others prefer it wet, it can be thick or thinly sliced. One thing we know everyone agrees on though, is that it is delicious!

Our friends over at Rootstock have come up with a clever new way of making it that results in a super crisp texture that resembles the crunch of a chip. These new Biltong Crisps are thinly sliced, and then oven dried, hence their crisp, dry and crunchy texture. They can be enjoyed just as you would a crisp or chip.  They make the perfect banting friendly game day snack! 

Biltong Crisps are available in beef, wildebees, springbok and ostrich, they have a 5 month shelf-life, and contain no MSG, flavourants or colourants.

If you prefer something with a little sweetness to snack on try Rootstock’s Apple Crisps, these are also oven dried and crisp and make for the ideal ‘guilt-free’ snack.

Rootstock started out by making their famous  vegetable and potato crisps. The crisps are handmade in small batches, taking into consideration seasonality and the impact on the environment.  Their production facility is based in Stellenbosch, and they apply rigorous hygiene and food safety procedures.  They use only the best quality vegetables, selected from specific local farmers who apply safe agricultural practices.  All their crisps are traceable to the original ingredients used. 

In their signature product – Seasonal Vegetable Crisps – they use a variety of root vegetables which enables them to produce vegetable crisps all year round.  Their Potato Crisps are seasoned with dried herbs and spices – there are no added colourants, flavourants and no MSG.  Since they do not use any preservatives, their crisps only have a 7 week shelf life which means you’ll always get them fresh. 

To wash down your delicious rootstock veggie and biltong crisps try Old Orchard Farm old fashioned cordials.  The range originally started with a Lemon cordial using great-grandmother’s recipe, and has now expanded to Passion Fruit; Ruby Grapefruit, Lime and new Pineapple cordial. Simply add still or sparkling water (1 part cordial to 5 parts water) for a refreshing drink. Add a tot of Lemon cordial to a glass of beer and you have an unbeatable summer thirst quencher! The cordials do not contain MSG, flavourants or colourants.

WIN a fabulous hamper of Rootstock goodies, including Old Orchard Farm cordials and new biltong crisps. 

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