Mother Nature’s Bounty: Perdeberg’s Dry Land Collection

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The winemakers at Perdeberg Cellar understand one fundamental law of nature — when under pressure, Mother Nature naturally produces her best quality fruit as a way to ensure a sustainable future. The best fruit naturally translates to the best quality wine. With only 6% of South Africa’s vines being of dry land nature (unirrigated), Perdeberg uniquely finds itself as one of a handful of wineries to embrace this unique gift. All the wines produced by Perdeberg Cellar are dry land influenced and contribute to helping conserve as much water as possible. The unirrigated vineyards dominate the 3000 hectares and predominantly rely on winter rainfall, reducing unnecessary water usage.

Perdeberg’s Dry Land Collection

What do dry land wines and vineyards look like? The vines’ roots dig deep into the soil to search for water resulting in strong rootstock. They produce smaller berried and intensely flavoured grapes that are deep in colour. Left to endure the harsh climate, Perdeberg Cellar’s Dry Land Collection showcases the uniqueness of vines grown in this testing terroir. Specific blocks in predetermined dryland vineyards are selected and intensive vineyard practices are employed to reach the desired wine profile.

The Home of Chenin BlancTM

Known as The Home of Chenin Blanc TM, Perdeberg’s multiple expressions of Chenin Blanc has led to them winning a multitude of awards. Including their recent platinum award at the South African Wine Index (SAWI) and a gold medal at the Mundus Vini Summer Tasting, for their Dry Land Collection Rossouw’s Heritage. This Chenin-led blend of Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc and Viognier, pairs well with social occasions and is well suited for those looking to explore a more complex wine with ample fruit and structure.The Perdeberg Dry Land Collection Longevity Natural Sweet Chenin Blanc is also a familiar favourite for those who are well acquainted with Perdeberg Cellar. This dessert wine is a sure spoil for friends and family looking to end their evening with a sweet, yet complex treat. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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