Low Carb cooking for Kids

Words: Crush

Coming August 2015 – Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children.

Banting conversations are hard to avoid these days – it’s a fact, the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) movement is huge and  for those who have found success with it, it has been life lifechanging. More and more people are getting clued up on good fat being good for you and discovering how sugar and carbs metabolise and the damage they cause in the body. More than ever, we are starting to understand what works for us in terms of health and weight loss.

Good eating habits start young and teaching children how to make the right choices is a critical lesson for parents and caregivers. In an age where refined food is found at every turn, the problem of unhealthy eating and poor dietary choices has increased dramatically.

Pedeatric dietician Kath Megaw is one of the local pioneers of the Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) movement. Notice, that’s ‘low carb’ not ‘no carb’. Megaw’s new book Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children is set to become the go-to nutritional guide for parents with kids of any age from infants to teens. Megaw who has been in practice for over 20 years knows that at each stage of your child’s development they need different things. Noakesian Banting may advocate some golden rules for everybody, but a blanket approach does not work for kids and Megaw uses her entire career’s experience (specialising in Autism, ADHD, Cerebral palsy and epilepsy) to get specific.

Jam-packed with smart tips and tactics designed to instill in your children a love for and a healthy relationship with food, in Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children Megaw takes a much more holistic approach to food than the banshees of Banting.

Megaw believes that it is of paramount importance that we eat living food, foods that your great grandmother would recognise as food. That means that meat, vegetables and most dairy would get the green light as they look much the same as they did centuries ago. But anything that has gone through multiple processes and is a product in itself, would be a no-no.

“Living food comes from nature. Think fruit and vegetables, red meat, chicken, fish, nuts, seeds and berries. If it looks like it comes from nature – or at least from a farm – it’s a leap in the right direction. Anything refined, anything packaged and anything with an ingredients list is a step in the wrong direction.”

Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children will be in stores in August 2015.

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