Long Weekend Lunches with Durbanville Hills Wines

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South Africans are spoilt for choice when it comes to delicious food and wine. We’re masters of the lazy weekend brunch that turns into lunch, and sundowners and segue into sultry summer evening soirées. We’ll bet we run a close second to the Italians who have ‘dolce far niente’ – the sweetness of doing nothing, down to a fine art.

To celebrate that lifestyle and the exceptional quality of wine produced here, we’ve recreated some of your favourite dishes and paired them with delectable Durbanville Hills Wines. Ideal for entertaining friends and family or hosting those weekend lunches that carry on long into the evening. These wine-paired recipes will soon be part of your collection of favourites too.

Durbanville Hills Wines

Durbanville Hills has crafted exceptional wines for over two decades, producing some of the country’s finest wines. Their expansive portfolio promises something for all tastes, including their signature Durbanville Hills range and their Collectors Reserve. Uniquely bottled and blended with skill, the bouquet, aromas and enticing flavours pair exceptionally with almost any dish.

Curried Fish & Chips with Raita-style Tartar Sauce

Fish & Chips is undoubtedly a local favourite up and down the coast and the nation over. It reminds us of weekend trips to the harbour and family Friday night dinners. We’ve given this local favourite a twist by seasoning the hake fillet batter with aromatic Malay curry spices, infusing even more flavour into this beloved dish.

Tantalising flavours of zesty lime, lemon rind and the subtle yet lively acidity make Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc the ideal pairing for seafood dishes like this one.

Hake fillets are encased in a light and crispy curried batter and are served with a raita-style tartar sauce that’s unbelievably creamy and herby – what’s not to love? Serve with potato chips, dress with a squeeze of lemon and enjoy with a glass of Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc for a satisfying meal. Simplicity and deliciousness at its finest!

Recipe for Curried Fish & Chips with Raita-style Tartar Sauce

3 Cheese Pap Tart

Pap is a comforting classic that raised many, whether enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or braai – so why have only a bowlful when you could make a whole tart? This mouthwatering dish combines a South African staple, pap, with all the elements we love about braaibroodjies – tomato and onion relish and bubbly cheese. The only way to make it even better is savouring it with a glass of Durbanville Hills Chenin Blanc.

Bursts of ripe fruit, aromas of citrus and sweet spice on the palate – Durbanville Hills Chenin Blanc is the ideal pairing for this flavourful, tomato-forward dish.

Imagine layers of relish, buttery pap and a delicious trifecta of mozzarella, cheddar and Parmesan; this moreish tart was undoubtedly made for sharing with family and friends. We’ve added a dollop of chutney to the relish, gently balancing the acidic tomatoes, as well as spicy red chilli and smoky paprika with a hint of sweetness. This crowd-pleasing side dish will soon be the centrepiece at every braai.

Recipe for 3 Cheese Pap Tart

Boerewors Bobotie

It’s no secret that South Africans love boerewors and bobotie – it makes sense that we would combine the two. Bobotie is one of the most beloved Cape Malay dishes; it’s filled with unmistakable aromas of bay leaves, clove and cinnamon sticks. We’ve given this one a unique twist by using boerewors instead of regular mince to bolster the flavour.

The bouquet of bright red berries met with underpinned tannins and sweet spice aromas of Durbanville Hills Merlot lingers after each sip.

Silky custard layered atop wors mince, baked till golden brown – there’s just something about the beauty of bobotie that can’t be denied. It’s perfect for serving at Sunday lunch with family. As far as we’re concerned, this classic comfort dish is best served with yellow rice and a glass of Durbanville Hills Merlot. Enjoy!

Recipe for Boerewors Bobotie

Slow Cooked Lamb Ragù with Gnocchi & Salsa Verde

Summertime may be for salads and white wines, but certain dishes remain favourites all year round, and this Slow Cooked Lamb Ragù with Gnocchi & Salsa Verde is just that! It’s in a class of its own; reserved for slow lunches with long-time friends, much like the Durbanville Hills Collectors Reserve Pinotage.

Prominent notes of ripe red berries with a hint of cinnamon spice make this Durbanville Hills Collectors Reserve Pinotage ideal for comforting dishes and stews.

Succulent lamb with a herby bouquet of fresh rosemary and bay leaves – the key to making this delectable dish is allowing the flavours to develop with time, and adding a dash of red wine. Savour a glass of Pinotage and indulge in conversation with friends whilst you wait for the sauce to simmer. Serve atop pillowy gnocchi and dress with dollops of refreshing salsa verde made with baby capers, mint and parsley for a meal you will never forget!

Recipe for Slow Cooked Lamb Ragù with Gnocchi & Salsa Verde

For more delicious wines, browse Dubanville Hills Wines’ online shop.

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