Localli – Serving Amazing Mille Crepe Cake and a Truly Local Vibe

Words: Julie Velosa

‘Locally sourced’ is a term that we’re hearing a lot of these days and that’s a good thing. We love the idea of sourcing things from nearby and supporting local business but just how far can you go with the concept? Well, if you call yourself Localli, you’re probably going all out and that is exactly the case with this stunning Mille Crepe cake eatery at 136 St. Georges Mall.

Localli Mille crepe cake

mille crêpe cake
mille crêpe cake

Cape Town’s First Mille Creperie Serves Utterly Delightful Mille Crepe Cake

Localli has been open since June this year and has been served their signature Mille Crepe cake to patrons who are just loving the concept. If you’ve never heard of a Mille Crepe cake, you’re not alone. Localli is, in fact, the first Mille Creperie in the country and their signature cake, as the name suggests, is French-inspired. It is made up of a stack of 20 paper-thin crepes which are filled with a creme patisserie and whipped cream filling.

The result is a rich but featherlight cake that is utterly beautiful in its simplicity.

If you’ve travelled to south Asia you may have come across a mille crêpe cake as it’s a popular sweet treat in the area despite its French origins.

‘Locally Sourced’ Underpins the Localli Concept

Other than the obvious French influence behind the cake, which is essentially the star of the show, every other thing in the restaurant is local. Like everything. Owner, Dale van der Lingen, has made it his mission to outfit the place from top to bottom with local products, cutting no corners.

From the indigenous acacia tables to the cotton napkins that are handwoven in Barrydale, down to the smallest detail like the sugar bowls that are made in Phillipi. The artwork that graces the walls is by local photographers and artists and the music played is exclusively South African.

Food That’s Not from Afar

When it comes to the food, this is also all locally sourced. The flour is grown in the Western Cape and the eggs are also from producers in the region. The coffee hails from Beavercreek in KZN and even the tea (yes, did you know we grow Ceylon tea in SA?) is from Ntingwe Tea, also in the hills of Zululand in KZN. Everything is served in beautiful, striking blue Mervyn Gers ceramics and the overall look is really stylish, considered and chic.

Localli is open from 07h00 to 18h00 Monday to Friday and is popular with office goers in the area (lucky!) and passing tourists. You can pick up a coffee or tea (the flat whites are amazing) or even an iced frappe.

We highly recommend the Rooibos Masala Chai (the spice blend is mixed in-house) or the Rooibos Matcha which is a dash of espresso and Rooibos matcha, topped off with cream.

If you’re after a little something extra, perhaps a last minute gift, there are confections from Ma Mere and local honey from The Cape of Good Hope Honey Company.

That Famous Mille Crepe Cake

Of course, you simply can’t visit Localli and not be enticed by the Mille Crepe cakes in the counter inside. There are standard flavours that you should always be able to find – vanilla creme brulee, chocolate (made with locally made chocolate), Rooibos masala chai, strawberry and citrus.

The chef is also always experimenting with different flavours, so when you visit you might see something new and unique. We tried all the flavours available on the day we visited and in a group of four, there was almost a favourite for each person. Personally, I loved the Masala Chai Mille Crepe cake, which reminded me a little of Milk Tart. The citrus (lemon, orange and naartjie) ran a really close second.

mille crêpe cake
mille crêpe cake

Events at Localli

If you can’t make it during the week to try all this deliciousness, fear not, as they offer special weekend events too. If bottomless bubbly and a slice of your favourite Mille Crepe cake sounds enticing, then you need to keep your eyes glued to their Facebook page to be kept in the loop.

The next event is taking place on Saturday the 28th October. It will be a Chocolate and Bubbly day featuring bottomless local MCC and chocolate Mille Crepe cake, which sounds positively heavenly. At only R200 pp it’s a fabulous way to catch up with friends and indulge.

A bubbly bar is going to become a permanent feature at Localli and will no doubt be a favourite place to meet and unwind after a long day.

Why Local Really is Lekker

Localli is small but it makes an impact. From the stylish interiors to the thoughtful finishings and, of course, the really beautiful selection of cakes and drinks. It is also a great example of how small local businesses can support one another.

All of Localli’s suppliers are South African and 90% of them are also other small businesses and entrepreneurs that need the support.

It’s a framework that not only shows that it’s possible to run a business this way but how important it is. Sure, there are cheaper and easier ways and there are corners that can be cut to improve the bottom line but Dale’s concept is bigger than that. It’s a model that brings like-minded people together and has a chain reaction that helps build each business in turn. In an economy like South Africa’s, it’s a concept that really needs to be fully embraced.

Localli Mille Crepe Cake
Localli Mille Crepe Cake

Localli, 136 St. Georges Mall, Cape Town CBD | 021 422 2647

Inspired to make your own Mille Crepe Cake?

Try these recipes for Rooibos Crème Brûlée Crêpe Cake or this Chocolate-Amarula Crepe Cake. You’ll need some patience but it’ll be worth it! If you want all the flavour and none of the hassle, then head straight to Localli!

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