Level 2: Alcohol Ban Has Been Lifted, Restaurants Allowed To Serve For On-Site Consumption.

Words: Katrina Rose Wind

As a nation we learned that we were going into level 2 of lockdown on Saturday night and would go into immediate effect Tuesday. This move is not because the pandemic is slowing down, in fact there are more than half a million confirmed cases, and unfortunately we still have the fifth highest number of infections in the world. It is because the South African economy needs to start rebuilding in order to avoid a total economic collapse.

One thing to remember as the country moves to level 2 and restrictions are starting to be lifted is that the risk of transmission does increase, it is important to continue being cautious by social distancing, washing of hands, wearing your mask and using hand sanitiser. Although many restrictions have been eased, the curfew between 22h00 and 04h00 remains in place.

Restaurants and Bars

level 2

Under level 2, restaurants, bars and taverns will be allowed to also sell alcohol not only during the week but on the weekends as well. Even though alcohol sales in restaurants on the weekend is permitted, it is for on-site consumption only, and only until curfew. Bottle stores will be allowed to operate but only under certain conditions. Alcohol will be permitted from Monday to Thursday between 09:00 and 17:00 for off-site consumption. Cigarette sales are permitted under level 2 with no restrictions.

Inter-provincial Travel

Airbnbs, lodges, and hotels have been allowed to operate during level 3 but have been only allowed to accept guests from within the same province. Now that we are in level 2, the restriction of inter-provincial travel has been lifted and hotels are now allowed to operate and accept guests from outside provinces. However, President Ramaphosa said there cannot be gatherings of more than 50 people, so hotels are still not allowed to operate at full capacity. Borders will continue to remain closed to international travel.

level 2

Gathering Rules

Under level 2, we are now allowed to visit family members but are not allowed to have more than 10 people at a time in households. In public spaces, gatherings of 50 or more people are prohibited. Nightclubs will continue to remain closed under level 2. In addition, big conferences or events are still not permitted and spectators will not be allowed at major sport events. The restrictions on public parks and beaches will be eased and are officially open.

You can read more about the restrictions being lifted here

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