Issue 54 The Green Issue

Words: Crush

Although considered the colour of spring, ill-disguised envy, or a reason to hoot at distracted drivers, today’s concept of green goes far beyond motoring manners or keeping up with the Joneses — it’s a way of life. In this month’s issue we get up close and personal with all things green. We look at 4 ways to cook with superfood Matcha (green tea) and Chef Rudi Liebenberg creates stunning seafood dishes from the WWFSASSI green list. Green as an environmental buzzword goes further than just recycling for a Noordhoek-based home built from hemp. We visit this model of sustainability to see how it has progressed since its build in 2011.

Still on the topic of green, we visit the unique Tyisa Nabanye market on slopes of Signal Hill, where the belief is that permaculture is the answer to a healthier planet. Want to give green eating a go? Tina Bester shows the versatility of the humble avo and the guys from Santa Anna’s cook up amazing South American fare with their organic, GMO-free corn tortillas.

Read this month’s issue HERE.

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