Inspiring Foodie Instagram Accounts That’ll Make You Want to Lick your Screen!

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Instagram, otherwise known as the ‘rabbit hole’ at Crush HQ, is a veritable feast for the eyes full of inspiring foodie accounts. Whether your passion is food, design, fashion or just cute puppies, there are literally hundreds of thousands of worthy accounts to be following – it can make finding the really good ones pretty tough. In no particular order, these are just a few of the many Instagram foodie accounts that we love and follow…

Local is Lekker

There are plenty of inspiring local foodie Instagram accounts to follow. From gorgeous baked goods, to incredible recipe suggestions, the South African Insta foodie scene is full of incredible talent!


Dynamic duo, Karl Tessendorf and Grey Gilowey— recipe developers and craft beer nerds, behind Beer Country. These fire cooks (both literally and figuratively) have built a culinary empire from braaiing and brewing. Their feed is filled with mouth-watering shots of Beer Food and Fire, which conveniently happens to be the title of their first cookbook. From Steak and Kidney Stout Pot to Smoked Bone Marrow with Witbier Chimichurri, they test the limits of what can be made in a cast iron and cooked over flames. Warning, you might consider grabbing a case of beers, moving to a cabin in the woods and cooking outdoors after following this pair.


Zorah Booley, author of The Everyday Low FODMAP Cookbook, and face behind inthemidnightkitchen, creates some of the tastiest bakes on the internet. We also love that she educates her audience on baking methods to promote healthy gut activity, with gluten bakes. If you’re always craving something sweet or simply appreciate midnight treats, anything chocolate or baking hacks that will save you money on decadent Starbucks lattes or follow this account. Also, it’s just aesthetically pleasing.


Chef and author of The Lazy Makoti’s Guide to the Kitchen, Mogau Seshone, shows us just how beautiful everyday cooking can be. From South African classics like,  Lamb and Cabbage Stew and winter-inspired meals like Okra Stew. If you’re looking for Sunday dessert inspiration, we recommend giving her No Bake Berry Cheesecake or Granadilla and Coconut Cake a try.


Food stylist and photographer, Katelyn Allegra, indulges your sweet-tooth with her pretty as a picture, almost ‘too good to eat’ feed. She manages to effortlessly capture the essence of baking, while inspiring your next baking mission. Expect decadent top-tier bakes like Russian Honey Cake, Rooibos Pumpkin Cake with Cinnamon Buttercream and other drool-worthy sugarcoated treats.


Claire Sharryn Roberto is a plant-based chef, food design consultant and nutrition coach who has worked all over the world designing plant-based menus for restaurants and eateries. Her food is not only gorgeous, but nutritious and expertly crafted with health and wellness in mind. Cooking with Claire, her online cooking classes, are designed to teach you how to cook using plant-based, gluten free and sustainable ingredients.

Sweet LionHeart

Local cake legend, Nikki Albertyn, her team create the most gorgeous cakes, traylettes, cookies, pops and treats. Honestly, their Instagram feed is just filled with colourful beauty every day and it makes us sigh at the utter perfection. Their ability to blend colours with such panache and their dedication to their no fondant rule makes us happy. Very happy.


If wholesome and healthy is your vibe, then head over to photographer and cookbook author, Melissa Delport’s feed.  Her most recent cookbook, Heal – Begin with Food, was released earlier this year in February and explores how to nourish your body through beautiful, whole-food cooking. Her feed is a mix of personal and food content and everything is shot with style.


Yael Lapiner, is a local foodie creating mouth-watering, nutritious recipes that are easy to follow and make your own. Her focus on local, seasonal, sustainable produce is also a bonus, as she often gives great recommendations on where to find incredible produce in Cape Town. Her Pho Gá recipe is so delicious and surprisingly easy to make and is the perfect dish for cold, wintery days when you need something belly-warming and wholesome.


Ollie Swart, definitely seems like that guy at the party who always brings the ‘stoke’ and in his case, it’s a lot of stoke for cooking really tasty food! He knows his way around flavour, being the co-owner of Aioli, and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to making a lip-smackingly good smash burger. He hosts sporadic Smash Burger Pop-Ups around Cape Town, so keep an eye on his feed to catch the next one!


Recipe developer and freelance photographer, Jenga makes vibrant flavourful food that will make you want to get in your kitchen and start cooking straight away. Her specialties include some incredible looking tacos, Thai-inspired noodle dishes and homemade fried chicken. Check out her extensive highlight reel for amazing dishes you’ll definitely want to make.



Author of Bibby’s Kitchen Cookbook & Beautiful Home Food, Di Bibby’s feed is full of colourful, vibrant and inspiring recipes that exude comfort and flavour. Lately, she has been focusing more on delicious desserts, like Lemon Cheesecake Pannacotta, and wintery dishes like One-Pan Saffron and Honey Chicken Casserole. Gorgeously styled and shot, bibbyskitchen is a feast for the eyes.

Old Favourites

Inspiring foodie Instagram accounts from far and wide — These foodies have built up their considerable following over the years with the most drool-worthy recipes.


Baking is a science and that doesn’t always come naturally. Sarah Crawford shows us through her spills, flops and kitchen mishaps in the process of making delicious bakes. Whether she’s baking in a Guy Fierri disguise or sharing bloopers, or making nostalgic treats, she reminds us that baking should be fun.


We can’t decide which we love more, Chef Jon Kung’s super relatable opinions and voice-overs or their food. Chef Jon talks about the topics like gentrification of food and also invites their audience into their home in a very casual and intimate way as they cook dinner. If you, like us, have a deep love for Asian cuisine and appreciate a good nutrient and flavourful broth, you must follow them!


Chef, writer and Emmy-Award nominated TV host, Sophia Roe’s content is just as wholesome and delicious as the food she serves. Her approach to food and cooking is ultimately sustenance and uses her platforms to enlighten people about food insecurity, sustainable sourcing. Sophia manages to take simple and minimal ingredients and produce honest vegan food, allowing the fresh produce to shine. No gimmicks, just deliciousness. Her entire feed is feel-good vibes, vibrant and gorgeously decorated vegan food.


Of all the beautiful things life has to offer, butter is everything and more. Chef Thomas Straker, otherwise known as Mr ‘All Things Butter’, shows you how to elevate dishes by topping it with infused butter. While looking at his feed, you would think, ‘Ok, we get it! You love butter’ — but we can’t seem to get enough of it. From Wasabi Butter to Chicken Skin Butter to Harissa and Burnt Shallot Butter there are no limits.


Alanna Taylor-Tobin is a pastry chef, writer, photographer and most recently, author. As is to be expected, her feed is full of delectable food, beautifully styled and shot. Her cookbook, The Alternative Baker, released in September 2016, is packed with recipes that use alternative flours, making them all gleefully gluten-free. We love the down-to-earth quality of her feed – her recipes being inspiring yet totally accessible. | Follow


Samin Nosrat, author of SALT FAT ACID HEAT , is a New York Times Cooking and New York Times Magazine contributor. Her revolutionary cookbook, now Netflix show, has taught many home cooks what key components are needed to make food taste delicious.


Author of Nothing Fancy and Dining In, Alison Roman is well known for her Internet Famous Chickpea Stew (#thestew) and #TheCookie recipe that broke the internet. She is the queen of fuss-free food and her recent Youtube series, Home Movies, shows us that no matter the size of your kitchen, fridge or stove, you can still roast a deliciously crispy chicken. Subscribe to her weekly newsletter, A Newsletter, to receive delicious, easy-to-make weekly recipes, as well as some strongly worded opinions on how dill should, and can, go with everything.


Sohla El-Waylly — American chef, restaurateur and previously, assistant food editor at Bon Appétit — shares her vast knowledge on cooking techniques and some really delicious recipes. Her easy going on-screen style makes you feel at ease and confident enough to try and cook everything she suggests.


If there was ever a feed that you could get lost in for hours it’s that of food stylist, author and cat-mom Olesya Kuprin. Olesya herself is lovely (with that amazing hair!) and then there’s the unbelievable food and of course, the cats – Scottish Folds we’re told. Once you start scrolling through, it’s hard not to stop and double-tap every kitty picture. But seriously — the food, lighting and photography absolutely stunning. Sure the captions are in Russian but honestly, who needs to read when you can just get lost in the visual vortex?


Nora Eisermann & Laura Muthesius are a Berlin-based food stylist and photographer duo. Together they have perfected the art of creating scenes so inviting that you long to be able to step through your phone to take a place at their table. The images are so vivid that you can almost hear the laughter of friends and the clinking of glasses. The richness of colour and layers of texture and detail get us hitting the heart button every time. 


Yewande Komolafe grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and now lives in New York where she shares her unique perspective on how to incorporate Nigerian flavours and ingredients into Western cooking. Her recipes for baked tofu and jollof rice have gone viral and her feed is full of vibrant, delicious dishes that are very easy to make and use widely accessible ingredients.


Queen of the 15-second recipe reel, Carolina Gelen will have you drooling on your screen after you’ve woken up from an hour-long deep-dive into her Instagram feed. She posts quick, quirky and really informative how-to reels for recipes that are seasonal, colourful and full of flavour.


Amy Twigger is a blogger, cookbook author and photographer based in Torquay, England. Interestingly, she mentions on her blog that she had an unhealthy relationship with food for many years, resulting in an eating disorder. However, creating beautiful food and photographing it helped her come to terms with her issues and the results are pretty magnificent. This self-confessed sweet-tooth is a baker at heart and her feed has many beautiful rustic cakes, tarts and buns. She also does gorgeous savouries (her pies and tarts are pretty spectacular), always with a comforting style that speaks to her idyllic Devonshire lifestyle. She definitely has moody lighting down to a tee.


Newly published author of Cook This Book, Molly Baz, is a recipe developer who focuses on creating delicious recipes that you will want to cook every week. She hosts weekly cook-a-longs on her IGTV where she shows you techniques that build flavour. Her passion for Cae Sal (caesar salad) and salt is admirable and you’ll definitely fall in love with her sausage dog, Tuna. She’s adorable.


If bread is the staff of life, then Food 52 is the flour that makes it. We don’t know how we ever got by without them.



The maven of modern Aussie cooking and queen of inspiring Instagram foodie accounts, we can’t help but be inspired by her colourful, bright Instagram feed, full of the kind of food that we love. | Follow

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