What Does Your Ice Cream Flavour Say About You?

Words: Jess Spiro

What does your choice of ice cream say about you? Well, we did the research (read: ate a lot of ice cream) and we fancy ourselves experts now. Here’s all you needed to know about your favourite icy treat.

Ice cream flavour

What your Ice Cream Flavour says about you


Contrary to popular belief, being a vanilla fan doesn’t actually mean you are vanilla. It means you are a classic, simple and understated and a lover of good quality and minimalism. Not so boring now are you vanilla?


If you’re in love with the cocoa, chances are you’re a smooth operator who tends to be flirtatious and a real romantic.


You’re a kid at heart, always seeing the wonder and magic the world. We need more of you around.

Mint choc chip

The minty choc-chip crowd is a fun, loveable one. If you’re a fan of this ice cream, chances are you’re kinda quirky but still relatable and easy to get on with.


You. Need. Caffeine. And. You. Need. It. In. Every. Form. Understandable, we won’t get in your way.

Peanut Butter

You’re laid back and easy going, but you can show signs of being a little nutty. But, like, in a good way.

Cookie Dough

For you, enough is never enough. You’re ambitious and always after something more.

Cookies and Cream

You’re loyal and steadfast and probably enjoy licking the spoon after baking. Although really, what’s not to like about cookies and cream?

Salted Caramel

You like sweet things, but you’re also kind of sophisticated. It’s not just a ton of burnt sugar you’re into, it’s a ton of burnt sugar with a sprinkling of sea salt. See, sophisticated?


Oh, you’re fancy and reckon peanut butter is for plebs.


You’re wild and outgoing, you’re living your best life while constantly trying to convince people that coconut is delicious in all forms.


You’re actually a really sweet person on the inside and long to break that perception. The more mouth-puckeringly sour the better. It’s your time to shine.

Rum and Raisin

You like your booze in all shapes and sizes. Also, you’re probably an old person.


You probably don’t eat things that once breathed and we respect that.

Black Sesame

Ooooh, you so fancy! Would you like some soy sauce with that?


You are a child in adult’s clothing.

Tin Roof

You like the best of both worlds and don’t like to compromise. What is ice cream without nuts and chocolate sauce anyway? You’re not apologetic about it and we like that.

Can’t choose a flavour?

You’re a devil-may-care kind of person and won’t be confined to society’s notions. We like you, even if we can’t quite figure you out.

Why not make your own ice cream or visit some of Cape Town’s best-loved ice cream and sorbet places.

Make your own Salted Dark Chocolate and Pretzel Ice Cream or Fried Banana and Caramel Ice Cream

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