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Nuy Winery, situated on the R60 between Worcester and Robertson, proudly announces the addition of two craft gins to their product range – Nuy Mastery Craft Gin and the limited edition Nuy Legacy Craft Gin.

Established in 1963, Nuy Winery was built on a singular cornerstone: Quality.  As with their winemaking, Nuy ensures quality by producing and sourcing the very best botanicals, alcohol and packaging from within the borders of South Africa and around the world.

Limited Hand-Crafted Gins

In keeping with the craft culture, these hand-crafted gins are created in small batches at a time of 2500 bottles of the Nuy Mastery Craft Gin and only 1000 bottles of the limited edition Nuy Legacy Craft Gin.

Nuy Gin Crush Gin of the Month

Distillation Process at Nuy Winery

Nuy Winery’s unique craft gin recipes were carefully created through various experimental batches in order to craft both complex and balanced recipes which caters for all gin lovers.

A sugar cane base spirit is used as the blank canvas onto which the recipes are imparted through a combination of maceration and distillation.

All botanicals used in the recipes are whole fruit and herbs with no artificial flavouring.

The oils from the botanicals added during the distillation process gives the gin a clear blue hue which can be seen once water or tonic is added. The final product is an extremely smooth spirit which should be enjoyed neat or as a classic G&T.

Tasting Notes & Price of Nuy Winery

Nuy Winery Presents Nuy Mastery Gin

This gin has tangy, fruity flavours with top notes of granadilla and mango with a hint of citrus. It goes perfectly with a wedge of lime and fresh thyme garnish, plenty of ice and finished off with Indian tonic water served as a classic G&T. Nuy Mastery Gin is priced at R375.00 per bottle.

Nuy Mastery Gin & Limited Edition Nuy Legacy Gin

Nuy Winery Presents Limited Edition Nuy Legacy Gin

This gin is a complex spicy spirit with top notes of ginseng and cassia (similar to cinnamon) with a hint of citrus and undertones of aniseed. It pairs dreamily with a slice of orange, black peppercorns and a couple of sliced cherry tomatoes as garnish, plenty of ice and finished off with Indian tonic water creating a G&T with a slight twist. The Limited Edition Nuy Legacy Gin will cost R425.00 per bottle.

Taste Nuy Craft Gin At Nuy On The Hill

Nuy Gins can be tasted at Nuy’s unique tasting room and restaurant, Nuy on the Hill at a total cost of R30. Both gins are also available as specially designed gin cocktails at R58 each.

Where to Buy

The two Nuy Craft Gins are available at Nuy on the hill tasting room and restaurant or online.

For more information on Nuy Winery, please visit their website or contact marketing manager, Arthur via email.

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