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Founded by Lorna Scott in 2011 and developed by her family in the Southern Cape Coast fishing village of Still Bay, Inverroche has gone from a small home industry to the largest South African Craft gin Brand in just nine years.


Lorna has created a unique gin brand using the indigenous flora known as “fynbos“, from the Western Cape that grows nowhere else on the planet.

Fynbos has been long used by the indigenous people for medicinal and culinary purposes but is now under threat due to agricultural development and invasive alien plants. She felt that one way of preserving fynbos was to find a commercial use for it and to create a global brand telling the story of these historically significant plants which contributed to the emergence and survival of modern humans.

It all started at Lorna’s kitchen table with a 1lt copper potstill affectionately named “Mini-Meg”.

Over a period of 3 years, Lorna sat at the kitchen table with her son Rohan and through trial and error, developed the range of Inverroche Gins that you can enjoy today.


Inverroche takes its name for the combination of 2 words that pay homage to the Scott family ancestry, referencing both their Celtic and Gaelic backgrounds. The Scottish word “Inver” meaning confluence of water (i.e the Goukou River and the Indian Ocean) and the French word “Roche” meaning rock or stone in reference to the limestone which defines the region of Still Bay.

These are the very elements that have come together in Still Bay to create the conditions necessary to give life to the flora from which they now make this world-class, one-of-a-kind gins.


Inverroche Gins are distilled in small batches and no two are ever identical due to seasonal variances and flavour concentrations of Natural Botanicals. Once the gins are distilled, every bottle of Inverroche is filled, labelled and boxed by hand creating opportunities and employment for the local community.

Each bottle is individually numbered by hand before leaving the distillery. Every bottle goes through 16 pairs of hands. Because of this meticulous way to produce their gins Inverroche employs a 70% local female workforce to do this.


Each variant of Inverroche (Classic / Verdant & Amber) is carefully created with fynbos from the various areas (limestone-rich lowlands/mountainous terrain/coastal region ) which make them truly unique spirits.


A unique collection of seductive gins which celebrate human ingenuity, creativity and collaboration. Every year Inverroche releases a unique limited bottling of gin, currently the second of the Creative Collections is available, Coco L’Orange – using botanicals from three separate continents infuse this unique spirit to remind you of the interconnectedness of everyone on this planet, each other and the environment.

Inverroche Distillery, Laurenskirk Estate, R323, Old Riversdale Road, Stillbaai, Western Cape, South Africa
Monday – Friday: 08h30-16h00 (by appointment only) Saturday: 10h00-14h00 (open to the public)
Contact: +27 (0) 28 754 2442

Gin School & Tastings: in season ( Mon-Sun 14h00 – 16h00)

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