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We’ve heard a lot of buzz about fast-casual dining and there are a few places that have picked up on the concept, but few are doing it quite as well as NOW NOW, the new super-fast, super good food outlet from Woolworths.

Offering fresh, tasty food synonymous with Woolworths quality that is ready before you can say “bircher muesli“. At NOW NOW you can order and pay using a handy app (available free on IOS and Android), and by the time you’ve reached the counter you can simply grab-and-go. It’s hassle free, no queues, heavy on flavour and light on your pocket. Like the name suggests, it’s so super-fast you can spend the rest of your lunch hour however you want. Brilliant, right?

As for what goes into a yum NOW NOW meal, ingredients are freshly sourced, and the globally-inspired menu includes wraps, bowls, pots and buns, as well as gluten-, dairy- and wheat-free options, too. Missed breakfast? The Bircher Pot, a mix of organic rooibos, Bircher muesli, double-cream yoghurt, apple juice, cranberries and toasted seeds will give you a kickstart.

Other favourites, like The Bacon Bun made with bacon, free-range egg, slow cooked tomato sauce and baby spinach, sandwiched between two lightly toasted English muffins, or The Avo Pot, a perfect combination of avocado, Rosa tomatoes and basil pesto, are great for morning, lunch, or a sneaky in-between snack attack (they happen to the best of us).

About that caffeine injection—NOW NOW’s extensive coffee menu offers 100% locally roasted, organic African beans, which, when combined with Ayrshire milk or unsweetened almond milk, make the perfect cappuccino, latte, or flat white.

If you are looking for a fruitier buzz, try one of the freshly juiced ‘shots’- we love The Spinach One, The Ginger Cayenne One, and The Rooibos One… Okay, we love all of them. There are also seriously good smoothies. Try The Creamy Red One, or for a sweet tooth hit, The Chocolate One. 

Find the flagship NOW NOW outlet at 91 Longmarket Street, Cape Town, with more soon to follow all over the country. Lunchtime sorted. 

Open Monday to Friday: 06h30-17h00; with breakfast options available from 06h30-11h00 and lunch options available from 11h00-17h00.

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