Gastro KAAP Menu at Truth.After Dark

Words: Julie Velosa

Truth put coffee culture in Cape Town, and in fact, South Africa, on the global map. They are known as avant-garde innovators and for doing things with a certain style, so it’s really no surprise that they’ve been working on something new and rather ingenious. Truth.After Dark recently launched a truly local dining experience that blends South African specialities, with unique Cape flair, all wrapped up with a little tongue-in-cheek fun.

Gastro KAAP

Settled in a comfy leather booth at Truth Cafe, my dining partner and I got stuck into the Gastro-Kaap menu. With items like Bovril on Toast & a Bietjie Biltong and Nie Jou Ma se Yellowtail Frikkadel Nie, it’s both comedic and intriguing.

blikkie vis food at Truth.After Dark

For locals, it can take a bit of brain-bending to get the gist of things (in a good way) and for foreigners, to whom babalas and pap and wors won’t mean anything, there is a full colloquialism dictionary to assist. It’s a conversation starter, that’s for sure.

Cocktails with your Heppy Meal

Before you work out what you want to eat, you need to order a cocktail, this is where the real fun begins. My partner tried an OROSie, a Bloedlemoen Gin with Grenadine, Orange Liquer and Socks Blood Orange Tonic, served in a cute OROS-esque glass bottle. I’m just going to put the term ‘necked it’ here and leave it at that.

oros cocktail
pina colada milk tart cocktail

When I saw a Melktert Pina Colada on the menu, I knew my dream dessert cocktail had finally been created. Why has no-one done this before? Mhoba Rum, Takamaka Coconut rum, Condensed Milk, Pineapple and Cinnamon are blended and served in a cute condensed milk tin.

Although milky cocktails can be tough to drink all night long, I’d definitely give it a red hot go with this one.

Lekker Food Vibes

The idea of the food is to take local flavours and deliver them in a way that makes you think and talk, and they do just that at Truth.After Dark. Highlights included the Pap and Wors dish, boerewors wrapped in chicken breast on a bed of cauliflower ‘pap’, served with chakalaka jus, which was so delish. We also loved the grilled green salad on the side. Braaied lettuce is a thing people, it really is.

south african braai chops at Truth.After Dark

The ‘Moer of a Mixed Grill’ delivered juicy lamb chops with mini chicken lollipops and mfino mash (wild spinach). If you haven’t got the plak to braai on a Friday night but have the hankering, this dish has you covered.

A Lolly for your Dolly

When it comes to desserts, Truth is a bit of a dark horse. If you haven’t already heard, Kamal Hamzaoui is a French master pastry chef and he wields his whisk in Truth’s kitchen. The desserts and pastries are pretty next level and if you haven’t tried them yet you are missing out.

The title of Most Quintessential South African Dessert is a constant tug-o-war between Malva, Milk Tart and Peppermint Crisp Tart. I’m not sure it’s actually possible to separate the three. Every South African has their own ultimate choice and to appease all palates, Truth’s dessert menu has a version of each of these.

Truth.After Dark dessert

Because one dessert is rarely enough (bald-faced lie, we’re just piggies) we each ordered our own.

Don’t expect a tart or pud of any description – where would the fun be in that? But do expect beautiful, crafted and elevated desserts. The flavour will transport you right back to memories of sitting around the pool in your towel after a Saturday afternoon family braai, tucking into a bowl of mom’s sweet treats.

Book your seats for Truth.After Dark’s Gastro Kaap menu and experience great flavours with a twist of local nostalgia.

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