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Visit the Cape Herb WebsiteThe history of spice trading goes back thousands of years; it weaves tales of intrepid ocean crossings, adventures to unknown lands and the establishment of vast empires. In a time long before refrigeration, spices were used to preserve food and even sometimes to mask the flavour of not-so-fresh food.

Something as simple as cinnamon or pepper would have had huge value, enough to pay your rent and taxes!

We’ve come a long way since those days though and now, when we want to cook something rich in fragrant aromatics, it’s as easy as opening a pantry and selecting what we want.

Cape Herb & Spice still upholds the tradition of traversing the globe to find the very best spices and aromatics. They blend them into flavourful and easy-to-use mixes and seasonings that make cooking a breeze. To get to know their range a little better, we created these four delicious recipes.

Cooking with Cape Herb & Spice

The Cape Herb & Spice range brings a world of flavour to your kitchen. From aromatic spices to fragrant herbs, they make every meal an experience.

Fried Louisiana Cajun Calamari with Cajun Dipping Sauce

Fried Louisiana Cajun Calamari with Cajun Dipping SauceCape Herb & SpiceThe deep south state of Louisiana is the birthplace of Cajun cuisine. Interestingly, it was a group of French-Canadians (known as Acadians) that were exiled from the area (now Canada) in the 18th century. They moved into the bayous and swamps of the south and developed this style of cooking using ingredients that were indigenous to the area. The cuisine is best known for its use of bold notes like paprika, cayenne, garlic and pepper.

While Cajun spice definitely packs a punch, heat is not the defining factor. The cuisine is often misrepresented as being blackended, super hot and spicy, when in fact, the hallmark of Cajun food is actually just being really well-seasoned with a unique mix of spices.

Seafood forms a large part of Cajun-style cooking and this dish is a nod to that – we deep fry calamari that has been dusted in a mix of flour and Cape Herb and Spice Louisiana Cajun Seasoning. Because we can’t get enough of that flavour, we’ve also blended it into a bold dipping sauce. This is a dish that delivers big!

Recipe for Fried Louisiana Cajun Calamari with Cajun Dipping Sauce

Curried Lamb Kebabs with Raita

curried-lamb-kebabs-with-raitaCape Herb & SpiceButter Chicken, as the name suggests, is usually a dish featuring chicken but in this instance, we’re showcasing the versatility of this mild curry spice mix, using it to flavour these tender and juicy lamb kebabs. Trust us, once you’ve tried this aromatic blend with lamb you’ll agree just how well it works.

Try this dish and see just how versatile this curry blend is.

The lamb is marinated overnight in yoghurt that is infused with Cape Herb & Spice Butter Chicken Curry Spice, which together both flavour and tenderise the meat. Braaing adds a charred flavour that is impossible to beat. Our suggestion for eating these tasty kebabs is to wrap chunks of lamb in flaky roti and top with dollops of raita and a sprinkle of fresh coriander. The combo is heavenly!

Recipe for Curried Lamb Kebabs with Raita

Mediterranean Chicken Tray Bake

Mediterranean Tray Bake Cape Herb & SpiceMove over one-pot-wonders, tray bakes are the current it-dish of the kitchen! There’s been a long-standing trend (and with it the pressure) of creating finicky, celebrity chef-style food but this idea takes cooking back to a place of comfort and ease (and home cooks everywhere breathe a sigh of relief). The beauty of the tray bake is just as the name suggests – everything in one dish, pop into the oven and voilà, a fabulous, fuss-free meal in under an hour.

Take your mid-week chicken meal from boring to sensational.

This chicken tray bake is inspired by flavours of the Mediterranean, made oh-so-easy with Cape Herb & Spice Mediterranean Roasts Seasoning. With a secret blend of spices and herbs, this seasoning is literally all that you need to turn plain chicken and veggies into a hearty, homecooked meal. The juices of the chicken and the citrusy notes of the seasoning flavour everything in the dish and create a wonderfully balanced meal that tastes like it took hours to prepare.

Recipe for Mediterranean Chicken Tray Bake

Triple Cooked Hand Cut Chips with Creamy Chipotle Chilli Dip

hand-cut-chips-with-creamy-chipotle-chilli-dipCape Herb & SpiceThere are few things as satisfying as a really great chip! Golden and crunchy on the outside, with a fluffy interior, they are the perfect vessel to scoop up a great sauce. Triple cooking chips allows them to create that exact texture – pre-cooking gives that pillowy inside, while double frying ensures a crisp exterior.

Chips, fries, frites… whatever you call them, they’re delicious!

We’ve hand-cut these chips to ensure that they cook at a similar rate and then once fried we’ve seasoned generously with Cape Herb & Spice Spicy Chip Shaker, which adds flavour and a little heat. To up the ante, we’ve infused a dipping sauce with the smokiness of Chipotle Chilli Smoky Southwestern Seasoning and the two are a genuine match. The trick with a recipe like this is not to skimp, these chips will disappear fast, we guarantee.

Recipe for Triple Cooked Hand Cut Chips with Creamy Chipotle Chilli Dip | Facebook | Instagram 

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