Festive Cooking with Russell Hobbs 8L Dual Air Fryer

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Get ready to make wholesome festive meals, in half the time, with the Russell Hobbs 8L Dual Air Fryer. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, along comes a smart, double-door air-frying sensation that makes incredibly delicious, crispy and tasty food; with little to no oil.

Russell Hobbs

This revolutionary and innovative cooking companion makes it easy to prepare all your favourites.

You’re a multitasker, and so is your Air Fryer!

The Russell Hobbs 8L Dual Air Fryer will make you rethink what it means to prepare a festive meal in half the time. What makes this versatile product the perfect cooking partner is the non-stick, removable fryer baskets. Now you can prepare two different food items in one go. Roast on one side, air fry on the other.

Air Fryer

Make all your homemade festive favourites effortlessly!

Best of all, it’s easy to clean. So, no soaking until tomorrow or accidentally forgetting about those pesky pans that need to be washed.

Home Cooking Made Effortless

It’s the thoughtful innovations that make the Russell Hobbs 8L Dual Air Fryer a joy to use. The sixty-minute timer with auto shut-off allows precise cooking, and the removable fryer baskets mean you can take it out while cooking. Simply pause the process until you are ready to place it back in.

Russell Hobbs

It has six pre-set functions to choose from, so now you can fry, bake and roast your favourites in no time. If that’s not double the cooking convenience, we don’t know what is!

*Want cooking inspiration? Visit the links below to learn more about the Russell Hobbs 8L Dual Air Fryer and find delicious recipes perfectly suited to this style of cooking.

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