Cool-climate Wines, Craft Beer and a Country Fair: Explore the Elim Wine Festival

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Once a year – for one day only – the cool-climate wines of the Elim Wine Ward and surrounds come together to deliver a blast of flavours distinct to this wine-growing region. This year the Elim Wine Festival takes place on Saturday 10 November, at the Black Oystercatcher Wine Farm.

Elim Wine Festival

Cool-Climate Wines

Elim is one of only a handful of cool-climate wine regions in South Africa. Given its proximity to the coast, the cool coastal winds and the marginal soils, the region is known for producing crisp wines, with concentrated fruit flavours, unique minerality, and a long finish.

What to expect at the Elim Wine Festival

The Elim Wine Festival this year showcases 12 of the region’s favourite wineries: The Berrio, The Black Oystercatcher Wines, The Giant Periwinkle, Ghost Corner, Land’s End, Strandveld Vineyards and Zoetendal from the Elim wine ward, wineries from just outside Elim are Sijnn Wines from Malgas, Lomond from Cape Agulhas and The Drift, Jean Daneel Wines and Skipskop Wines from Napier.

According to Conrad Vlok, convenor of the Elim Wine Ward and winemaker at Strandveld Vineyards, around 1000 guests visited the festival last year. Vlok says, “Every year this festival grows. It’s now become a big player on the wine calendar. That speaks to the unique wines and the fun vibe during the day. Here in the Overberg, we believe in connecting with people and getting to know each other. So the festival captures that openness and availability – where visitors and winemakers come together to talk about the wines we love drinking.”

To add to the festival’s flavour sensations, craft breweries Fraser’s Folly, Becker’s Craft Beer and Cederberg Brewery will offer their flagship beers, as well as beers brewed just for fest-goers. And for the first time, Cluver & Jack Cider will showcase their Everyday Cider at the festival.

Elim Wine Festival

Food, Wine, Beer!

The wine, craft beer and cider all pair perfectly with an array of sumptuous local produce available at the market stalls. Taste smoked Trout, a variety of local cheeses, charcuterie, sausages – and of course finish it off with the festival’s many sweet treats. Upcycled barrel boards and furniture, Proteas and other craft items from local producers will offer visitors something, apart from wine, to take home to remember their day in the Agulhas countryside.

Elim Wine Festival

Guests will be entertained with a sheepdog herding display, a vintage tractor parade, and live music from four South African solo artists and bands. Winemakers will also be offering an intimate, breakaway tasting session and panel discussion for the serious wine enthusiast.

Vlok says, “The Elim Wine Festival is for every wine lover – whether you’re a novice or a sommelier. This is a true country festival with a fun atmosphere and real Overberg sincerity.”

Tickets cost R140 for adults– which includes a wine glass and free tastings (entry is free for children under 18). Tickets can be purchased via Webtickets, at participating Pick n Pay stores and at the gate on the day.

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