Good Ergonomics in the Workplace – How to Optimise your Desk

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We’re edging towards the middle of January dreaming of the holiday behind us but gearing up for the year ahead. To help refresh your mindset and kick it into work mode, make sure that your desk or workspace is clear and ready for you to tackle 2019. If it has, here are some easy ways to practice good ergonomics in the workplace and optimising your desk and space.

Check your desk ergonomics and adjust seat height.

If you’re going to be productive, you need to be comfortable and the first thing to look out for is your office chair. You need to make sure you’re sitting in a proper office chair, one that is well-cushioned and supports your lower back. Desk-wise, you’ll need a sturdy surface to work on that suits your height.

The average office desk sits at 75cm but if you’re very tall or short, you may need to try out a couple of desks before you find your perfect fit. If you’re very serious about your posture, you can always try a pilates ball. This will ensure you stay upright and will help engage your core muscles to improve your overall posture.

Clear out the unnecessary and organise your desk space.

Look at what you’ve got on your desk, how often do you use these things? Get rid of the unused clutter and store the things you do use somewhere easy to get to. If there are pens and pencils scattered across the desk, gather them up and place them in a cute pen holder.

Get rid of scraps of paper in place of one large notebook, so that you can jot ideas down as they come to you. Make sure that you only have things around that add value, and that there’s nothing weighing down your mental space.

Make sure you have water on hand.

To keep yourself focussed and at your desk, make sure you have a big bottle of water. Treat yourself to a handsome glass bottle so that your water stays clean.

Keep fresh flowers or plants in your space

The smell of fresh flowers can energise and refresh us, so if you’re desperately in need of a boost, add some to your desk. Even simple herbs like lavender can change your headspace, so don’t be scared to get creative. If you’re more of a pot plant person, adding a small house plant to your desk can boost creativity and will help with the air quality in your office.

Go with some simple decoration to keep you motivated.

Lastly, being at work means being away from those we love, so why not bring your loved ones to the office in the form of simple decoration? Get a small framed image of your partner (or dog!), it will bring a smile to your face and remind you of why you work so hard.

Have a change of scenery every now and again and work remotely.

If you’re looking to get away from your desk, working remotely can be difficult to manage. Recently, however, Cape Town seems to be embracing the mobile desk movement with many establishments welcoming people who want to sit and get some work done. Here are some of our favourite places to work across the city.

Places to Work Remotely in Cape Town

The Field Office

As the name suggests, it’s a home away from home for freelancers. Serving great coffee and bites to eat in a cosy environment that is geared with plug points and wifi. They have two branches, one in Salisbury Road and one in Albert Road, both in Woodstock.

Jason Bakery

His croissants and coffee simply can’t be beaten, and considering the free wifi is really good, this is the ideal place to nestle down and get some serious work done. Locations on Bree Street and in Greenpoint.

Loading Bay

Every cool Cape Town freelancer knows that the best ideas happen at the Loading Bay. It really is the best place to sit quietly for a couple of hours, while keeping yourself powered with their famous matcha lattes.


As if you needed another reason to visit this quality chain, the wifi and comfy seats will ensure your productivity never falters. Plus, so many options to choose from around the city.

The Mojo Market

As long as you aren’t trying to work on a Friday night when a live band is playing, Mojo Market is easily the coolest spot to get your stuff done. Choose something to eat from the wide range of vendors, connect to the free wifi, and set up in one of the booths which are equipped with plug points.

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