Eatlean Cheese Launches In South Africa

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Having launched four years ago in the UK and since then in Spain, eatlean cheese now hits South African retailers in their attempt to put cheese back on the menu worldwide. We look at all there is to know about this high-protein, low-fat and lactose-free cheese.


Eatlean History

What started with the original cheesemaker, Joseph Heler, back in 1957, has since spanned three generations of a family business and booming cheese trade in the UK.

In 2015, George Heler, now at the forefront of the family-run enterprise, wanted to maintain the family cheese-making skills and expertise yet also match this to the future healthier demands of the cheese consumer.

eatlean cheese was an opportunity not seen by anyone else – to make a cheese that is 100% natural, with higher protein and fewer calories.


“Our first batch of cheese sold out straight away – so we quickly had to make more cheese. The feedback on social media told us we had something. It’s been non-stop for the last 4 years, with continuous development of the ‘eatlean’ brand,” says Heler

The Healthier Option

Realising that the demand for high-protein products was on the rise, matched with a growth in sales of low-fat products, eatlean knew they could be a market leader and pioneer brand within this space.

“eatlean is now seen as one of the leading healthier dairy brands – constantly challenging the big brands. More importantly, our consumers keep asking us for more innovation – so we must be doing something right.”

Suitable for lactose intolerant consumers due to their cheese-making process naturally removing the majority of lactose, with the exception of the eatlean spreadable and with the same shelf-life as any other cheddar cheese, the eatlean range is 100% natural.

Set to launch in select stores in Shoprite and Pick ‘n Pay this October. An initial range of six products is available under the brand.

Top of the Cheese

Based on the top sellers in the UK, be sure to check the retailers’ fridges for the ‘eatleanTasty’ cheese block as well as the standard eatlean cheese block for even less fat and more health benefits.

eatlean spreadable allows consumers the convenience they require to utilise the cheese in more of their healthier meal creations. It is also a great inclusion for children’s diets.


“In SA, we expect the consumers to be very similar to the UK in their desire to create healthier meals, with 100% natural ingredients. We hope eatlean will become one of their fridge essentials. eatlean cheese is not designed to be the centrepiece of a cheese board at your dinner party. It has been created to allow people to keep cheese as part of their menu of meal solutions when they are looking for healthier options,”  says George Heler.

It’s been a great 2019 for eatlean with a host of international cheese awards recently won, the launch into the South African market. The founder says it won’t stop there! With a pipeline of new products under development and the confirmation that the eatlean brand will be able to offer a wider range of healthier products down the line.

eatlean recently pre-launched at an interactive cook-off event hosted at The Chefs Studio, Cape Town. A huge thanks to the sponsors involved, including Jan Harmsgat wines, the Wings group, Scanpan, Willowcreek olive oil, and Cape Herb and Spice.

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