Don’t Toss Those Eggshells…Yet

Words: Katrina Rose Wind

We create a lot of food waste with or without even realising it, unfortunately. It’s not the best thing for the environment but it’s something that you can learn to limit. One common item that people produce a lot of is eggshells. Most people think that eggshells are useless food waste but I’m here to tell you to think again. Start with reusing your eggshells and then continue using most of your food scraps. Baby steps, people!

Clean Up The Sink

Eggshells are a non-toxic cleaner, so it’s no wonder that they will help keep a spotless sink. You want to first wash the dirty eggshells, place them on a baking sheet and then place it in the oven on low heat for about 5 minutes. Once done, blend into a fine paste – add 3 cups of baking soda to the paste and mix. Once you’re ready to start cleaning add some water or vinegar to the mix and that’s it! Clean your sink, toilet, shower, whatever with this abrasive, non-toxic cleaner.

If you’re trying to clean the inside of your sink, place a few loose eggshells inside. I know, it sounds odd but it works. The eggshell pieces will prevent food solids from going down the drain and once they start to deteriorate they will clean your drain pipes on the way down.

Sharpen Your Blender Blades

If you want to avoid washing your eggshells, simply place them in a plastic bag in the freezer. When you’re ready to sharpen those blades, all you have to do is take them out, throw some eggshells into the blender, add enough water so that they are covered and turn it on. Blend the shells until they are completely pulverized. Once done, throw them in the bin or add them to your compost pile (if you have one) to make it even richer. Thoroughly wash your blender and that’s it – you’re done! Your blades will be sharper the next time you’re trying to make your favourite homemade sauce.

Control Your Garden Pests

If you’ve got annoying garden pests that keep eating your carefully grown plants, then you might want to use this remedy. Crush some eggshells and scatter them around the soil and watch as they act as a natural deterrent for those pesky snails and slugs. The eggshells are also a great fertiliser for your soil, so it’s a win-win! You can finally say goodbye to your plants getting eaten.

Fertilise Your Garden

You’ve seen us mention it above already, now get to know why eggshells are great for your garden. I know this seems a bit counterproductive considering that you’re going to be putting them in the dirt but washing your eggshells is the first step. After you have enough eggshells, crush them down to a fine powder-like consistency. Once this is done, go out to your garden and mix them into your garden and soil. The eggshells will act as a great fertiliser but also will help reduce the soil’s acidity. You can look forward to a healthier, greener garden.

Clear Up Your Skin

As we mentioned above, eggshells are an abrasive, non-toxic cleaner, and while they can work for places around the house they work for your skin too. If you’ve been trying to obtain clearer skin but haven’t had any luck, this eggshell mix might work for you. In a small bowl or container filled with apple cider vinegar, drop a washed eggshell and then let it soak for a couple of days. Use the mixture by adding it to parts of your skin that is experiencing irritation or parts that have been feeling itchy.

If you’re trying to brighten your face, eggshells can also work to give you that glow you’ve been chasing. After cleaning a few eggshells, grind them down until they are a powder-like consistency. Mix the powder with some actual egg whites (yes, now you’re using real eggs). Once that is done, spread the mix onto your skin like a face mask, let it dry. Wash your face thoroughly and behold – a glow that no commercial face mask can produce!

Add to Coffee Grounds

If your coffee has been tasting a bit too bitter recently try using this trick. After you have washed an eggshell, crumble it up and mix it into the coffee grounds. Look, we know this doesn’t sound too appealing but it sure beats throwing out that full bag of coffee grounds you already have. It’s a hack that really does work, the eggshells are rich in alkaline calcium carbonate which can help counterbalance the coffee’s acidity. Try it tomorrow morning and you’ll be impressed.

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