Wine White
West coast


West coast

This wine forms part of a special range, under the guidance of Jean Engelbrecht. With this range Jean reflects on holidays spent by four generations of the Engelbrecht family at Donkiesbaai, on the South African West Coast.

This delicious dessert wine is made of Chenin Blanc grapes from the Piekenierskloof, which is just a little inland from the West Coast towards the Cederberg mountains. Grapes are harvested at full ripeness and bunches are placed on a rack covered by straw. Twice a week they are turned by hand to ensure that the grapes do not get sunburnt. Once the grapes reach the desired concentrated sugar level, they are removed from the racks and can be pressed.

The wine is fermented in barrel, and then aged for a further eight months before bottling. Only three barrels are made, so it’s a tremendous labour of love for a small production, but is so worth the effort. Gentle spice notes complement intense honey and pineapple flavours, with a rich creamy mouth feel and an elegant, clean finish.