DIY Seed Bird Feeders

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Kids can get restless during the school holidays, especially if the weather is not playing ball. Make these DIY Seed Bird Feeder ornaments to pass some time, and do some good for our feathered friends. They are so easy to make and the birds in your garden will love you for it, especially as winter draws near and food becomes more scarce.

You will need
2 C (500 ml) mixed birdseed
2/5 C (100 ml) flour
1 sheet gelatin
2 Tbsp (30 ml) syrup
1/4 C (60 ml) warm water

a silicone baking mat or baking paper
non-stick cooking spray
cookie cutters
3-4 straws

Mix the flour, water and syrup in a bowl.

Bloom the gelatin in a little cold water. Squeeze out and add to the flour mixture, mix to to form a paste.

Add the birdseed to the paste and mix to combine.

Line the tray with the silicone baking sheet or a sheet of baking paper. Spray the insides of the chosen cookie cutters well with non-stick cooking spray. Place flat on the baking mat/paper and spoon the birdseed mixture inside. Use the back of a speed to press the mixture down and to pack the  cookie cutters as tightly.

Cut several lengths of straw and use one per cookie cutter – insert at the top, not too close to the edge, this will be where you will insert your twine once dried. Set aside to harden overnight.

The next day, gently slide the bird seed ornaments out of the cookie cutters, remove the straw and insert a length of twine and secure.

That’s it! DIY Seed Bird Feeders, done. Hang in a tree and keep an eye out for hungry feathered visitors.DIY Bird Seed Feeder

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