DIY Marbled Clay Bowls

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It’s getting darker and colder every day, you’re definitely going to need a project to keep you busy while you stay warm inside this weekend. These beautiful dishes work perfectly as a ring and earring holder on your bedside table – they also make great gifts.

What you’ll need…

– a selection of white and coloured oven-bake clays (we used Cernit® clay with a porcelain finish)
– rolling pin
– jar or bowl to use as a size measure (we used a bowl measuring 10.5 cm in diameter)
– small oven-safe bowl to bake in
– gold liquid permanent marker, Sharpie, or gold craft paint
– glaze (we used Dala – Deco Varnish High Gloss)
– small, soft craft paintbrush for glaze

How to make…

Preheat the oven to 120 ºC.

The total amount of clay used per bowl equals roughly one block. The easiest way to measure this is to cut the blocks of clay in halves or quarters, depending on how many colours you want per bowl. Mix and match your blocks of clay into the desired colour combination, ensuring that each group equals a block size.

Start by rolling the white clay into two rolls approximately the length of a pencil. Do the same with the selected colours. Roll each colour out to the same length, but different thicknesses – the size of the roll will depend on the amount of each colour you want to have in your finished bowl.

Roll the white and coloured rolls into one big roll and twist to combine (use same action used to wring a towel).

Roll the twisted clay to double the original length and fold it back onto itself. Twist it again to give it a candy cane look. Repeat the rolling, folding, twisting and rolling again process twice, or as many times as desired, bearing in mind that the more you twist and roll, the more the colours will blend. Play with the clay, fold it back onto itself, twist it and spiral it until you have a desired pattern. To test the design squash a small piece into a flat disk, if you are happy with the pattern, stop, if you want to blend more, continue the twist and blend process.

Once satisfied that the colours are blended and marbled enough, roll the clay out flat in a circle, or in a shape large enough to cut out your desired circle size. Use a bowl or something that is the correct size as a guide and using a craft blade or knife, cut the bowl shape.

Place the cut circle into an oven-safe dish; the dish will guide the shape of the clay as it bakes. Press the edges down lightly to ensure they don’t run thinner than the rest of the rolled clay, and so that it forms a flat rim on which the gold finishing can be painted.

Bake the dish for 30 minutes, ensuring that it cooks slowly and does not brown (note: if using a different brand of clay, check the specific baking instructions). Remove from the oven and let the bowl cool down, this will allow it to set.

When the dish has completely cooled down, use craft paint or a liquid marker to add the gold accent to the rim. Allow to dry.

Once the rim is completely dry, use a soft paintbrush to paint on a layer of glaze to give the bowl a glossy finish.

Voila! Gorgeous marble clay bowls to hold your precious items.
DIY Marble-Bowl-

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