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Graham Beck’s range of bubblies is superlative, covering the length and breadth of the category and providing something for every palate. Those who know and have enjoyed their Brut Zero Cap Classique will notice a name change to this particular bottle – from the April 2021 release of the 2015 vintage, it will be known as Ultra Brut.

From Zero to Ultra

The reason for this is quite simple – originally ‘Zero’ was to indicate the absence of sugar in the dosage, a quality that makes this Brut Cap Classique unique. However, the increased supply of non- and low alcoholic beverages referencing the term ‘zero’ has led to more and more consumers (and even the trade) misinterpreting Brut Zero as a non-alcoholic product. This persuaded the Graham Beck team to introduce an appealing new name – Ultra – to better communicate the fundamentals of this remarkably complex and fascinating style of sparkling wine.

“After careful consideration we have decided on Ultra Brut as the most suitable name. It is straightforward, easy to understand, needs no explanation and will eliminate the risk of any confusion,” explains Graham Beck Cellar Master Pieter Ferreira.

To celebrate the name change and the release of the 2015 vintage, we created four stunning recipes that honour the qualities of this beautiful Cap Classique – ideal for a sophisticated dinner party with friends.

Baked Camembert with Hot Honey Drizzle Roasted Figs & Nut Praline

Graham BeckThis should be a go-to recipe for your next dinner party, it’s visually stunning and is a real conversation starter – place in the centre of the table and let your guests scoop up all that gooey goodness. We’ve scored and baked the camembert until just the right melty consistency, then topped with oven-roasted figs – in season right now and totally divine.

For a little extra sweetness and kick we’ve added a drizzle of spiced hot honey and for crunch a sprinkling of caramelised nut praline. Enjoy with a glass of Graham Beck Ultra Brut 2015 Cap Classique – this really is the perfect way to start a dinner party.

Recipe for Baked Camembert with Hot Honey Drizzle Roasted Figs & Nut Praline

Zero Dosage and What that means…

Graham Beck Ultra Brut is a delectably different and more natural bubbly – it dispenses with the traditional practice of using additional sugar in the dosage.

The absence of sugar in the dosage allows the intrinsic qualities of the wine and its terroir to shine through more clearly – this brut nature style of Cap Classique is pure and honest and a true testimony of fundamental quality.

Prawns with Chorizo Butter

graham beckWhether you’re hosting a dinner party or planning a casual weekend gathering with your best mates, this prawn and chorizo number is a winner. This dish is ideal for serving a group in a fuss-free way – prawns cook quickly and when they’re ready, you can pop onto a big platter and serve family-style, along with your favourite green salad. As a host/hostess this gives you more time to sit and enjoy with your guests, instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

The pairing of this prawn dish with Graham Beck Ultra Brut makes us want to book a weekend away at the coast with friends immediately! Picture an Instagram-worthy sunset, you with a glass of Ultra Brut bubbles and the laughter of good friends. Sounds blissful, doesn’t it?

Recipe for Prawns with Chorizo Butter

What’s in the Bottle – Graham Beck Ultra Brut Cap Classique

Ultra-dry, crisp and refreshing, the Ultra Brut is the quintessence of the Graham Beck style. With a viridescent hue, this Cap Classique opens up with a lively bouquet of lemon zest and brioche notes. The rich, complex palate is perfectly balanced by fresh acidity and an exceptionally refined mousse – a benchmark of the 2015 vintage.

Cap Classique Mussels

Ultra Brut Mussel PotMussels served like this are also a great meal for a group, a one-pot-wonder that delivers on flavour and texture, while looking visually impressive (with actually very little work!). We’ve used mussels on the half-shell, which means they have been perfectly cleaned and also that you won’t have any that don’t open.

In this dish, we’ve actually made the base of the stock with Graham Beck Ultra Brut, which adds that classic white wine flavour. We’ve also topped with toasted flaked almonds to pick up on the notes of the bubbly. Best served with crusty sourdough bread for mopping up all that delicious sauce.

Recipe for Cap Classique Mussels

Zero Dosage and the Endless Pursuit of the perfect bubble

This unique style of sparkling wine can only be crafted in exceptional vintages from the best quality fruit and the purest cuvée juice, thus it is only available in limited quantities. Graham Beck Ultra Brut joins the ranks of the very few zero dosage wines. It is a category gaining in popularity amongst chefs, sommeliers, fashionistas and food enthusiasts and due to its ultra-dry characteristics, this style of bubbly will find many fans amongst the health-conscious.

Salted Chocolate Tart with Smashed Malted Puffs

Smashed Malted puff tartWe’re just obsessed with the dark and delicious chocolate tart – it is the last word in decadent dinner party sophistication. It looks like it will be a lot of work to create but actually, it’s quite simple. It just requires a bit of time to ensure that you make the ganache filling correctly, no rushing here!

A little of this tart goes along way, so serving a small slice is just right. We love how the crisp bubbles of Graham Beck Ultra Brut Cap Classique cut through the richness of this dessert and provide fresh respite. We’ve sprinkled the top of the tart with Maldon Salt and of course, some of our absolute favourite smashed malted balls. This is truly dessert heaven!

Recipe for Salted Chocolate Tart with Smashed Malted Puffs

This ultra thrilling new development further enhances Graham Beck’s reputation as a pioneer, constantly on the forefront of international trends in the enthralling world of sparkling wine. Let’s raise a glass to innovation, ingenuity and the endless pursuit of the perfect bubble, as we take the time to celebrate what matters.

Graham Beck Ultra Brut 2015 will be released in April 2021 and will be available from the cellar door at R370 incl VAT per bottle.

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