A Bevy of Non-Alcoholic Beverages on South African Shelves

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This past year we have seen the category of non- to low- alcoholic beverages increasingly rise in popularity. Not just amongst Gen Z but across the board, from boomers to millennials, consumers are choosing to drink ‘less and better.’ This could be due to the multiple alcohol restrictions that have come and gone during the lockdown periods, it could be for health reasons, stricter drinking and driving laws or just a desire to stay more in control. Whatever the reasoning is, the fact is that it’s a trend that’s here to stay and the variety available on the market is varied and unique. We take a look at some of the low and non-alcoholic beverages currently on the shelves.

Low and Non-Alcoholic Beverages on the Market

Allure De-Alcoholised Sparkling

Introducing Allure – a delicious de-alcoholic sparkling alternative to traditional bubbly. As the name implies, this beguiling new addition to the ranks of non-alcoholic tipples is sure to gain many devotees amongst those seeking a sparkling wine to savour with zero regrets.

When it comes to responsible indulgence Allure ticks all the boxes – it’s the perfect choice for vegans, teetotalers, soon-to-be moms, fitness fanatics, designated drivers and, in fact, anyone requiring some spoiling!

Allure Pinot Noir Chardonnay features all the hallmark elegance associated with a premium classical sparkling wine, with the added health benefits of containing less than 0.5% alcohol by volume and having only 64kj per 100ml. The utmost care was taken to retain all the enticing and authentic flavours, ensuring only the truest varietal characteristics are reflected in the final product.

Unique and completely captivating, Allure is best enjoyed with great company and conversation.

Elegant and light, this charming non-alcoholic sparkling wine is alluring in every sense of the word. The nose shows upfront floral aromatics with red apple, pomegranate, apricot, fresh peach and subtle whiffs of caramel. The palate has a brisk and lively entry, abounding with yellow stone fruit flavours, lime-like freshness, and succulent acidity.

Allure De-Alcoholised Sparkling Wine starts at R129.99


Babylonstoren Bitterlekker

In Italy, before-dinner aperitifs precede the evening meal as a courtesy tipple and appetite stimulant. Inspired by this popular drink, Babylonstoren has created their very own sparkling non-alcoholic aperitif, featuring unique flavours from the Babylonstoren garden. Expect a bittersweet symphony of herbal notes and zesty citrus, including blood orange, grapefruit and the lingering bitterness of orange peel. Honeybush tea was included to give it a lovely dry finish.

Non-alcoholic beverages

How To Enjoy Bitterlekker

For a refreshing spring drink, serve on crushed ice with a slice of blood orange and sprig of rosemary.

It also goes well with a slice of lemon or ruby grapefruit, topped up with a splash of sparkling water.

If you’re wanting a before-dinner drink, Bitterlekker is the perfect, anytime thirst quencher or as a mixer with your favourite gin. Six 100ml bottles cost R135.

Bitterlekker is available on their online store, and can also be purchased from their Farm Shop (open daily from 09h00 – 17h30).

babylonstoren.com | Instagram

Darling Cellars De-Alcoholised Wine Range

Health-conscious, fitness-focused, pregnant women and those who are living sober lifestyles are looking for drink alternatives and mindful beverages. The demand for alcohol-free is on the rise.

The new Darling Cellars De-alcoholised range is low-calorie and vegan-friendly. De-alcoholised wines are different from other ‘wine alternatives’, such as alcohol-free wine or light wine in that it starts out as wine produced as any other ‘normal’ wine and then the alcohol is extracted by using clever technology that preserves the best qualities of the original wine. Low alcohol wine should still reflect the grape, the vineyard and the terroir.

Non-alcoholic beveragesSourced from cool-climate vines, the grapes for the de-alcoholised range are harvested at optimum ripeness; this ensures that the finest varietal characteristics can be enjoyed in their purest natural form, without the restrictions of alcohol.

Low alcohol should not detract from your taste experience.

Darling Cellars uses spinning cone technology at low temperature under vacuum to leave no more than 0.5% alcohol per volume.

The De-alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc has flavours of ripe tropical fruit, yellow peaches and gooseberries complemented by fresh acidity. A blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Grenache, the De-alcoholised Rosé has a light salmon pink colour, with ripe strawberry and sweet candy floss character. The De-alcoholised Shiraz has delightful ripe red fruit, with crushed black pepper, dried rose petal, candied cherry and well-integrated tannins.

Darling Cellars De-Alcoholised Wine starts at R85

darlingcellars.co.za| Facebook

Lautus De-Alcoholised Wines

Lautus De-Alcoholised Wines are crafted using cutting edge technology and techniques to stay at the forefront of the industry and to become the leading South African producer in the de-alcoholised category.

Non-alcoholic beverages

It certainly is no small task to find purposeful innovation and develop it creatively into a selection of wines that portray the complexity, elegance and finesse of premium wine, without the restrictions of alcoholic content.

Lautus, Latin for pure, elegant and sumptuous, remains true to its original vision to produce a non-alcoholic wine that would portray the beautiful complexity, elegance and finesse of a premium wine. “The inspiration for creating Lautus is found within the wine experience. As much as it is about vineyards, grapes, yeasts and science, the ethos of Lautus lies in the magic of unique wine moments without being restricted by choice, by alcohol content or side effects the next day,” says Reg Holder, creator and owner of Lautus wines.

Lautus De-Alcoholised Wines start at R70.

drinklautus.com | Facebook | Instagram

Robertson Winery Non-Alcoholic Range

Grapes grown in Robertson Winery’s lime-rich soil are well known for producing elegant sparkling products with finesse. Way back in 2012, Robertson Winery, true to its reputation for pioneering and innovative product development, launched their first two non-alcoholic sparkling products, both sweet, bringing bubbly drinking rituals to non-alcohol markets.

Non-alcoholic beveragesA non-alcoholic sparkling dry white was introduced towards the end of 2019 to cater for an audience looking for a refreshing non-alcoholic bubbly without excessive sweetness, followed by its pink counterpart in 2020, the Robertson Winery Dry Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Pink.

Refreshingly fun, delightfully fruity, charmingly drinkable with a cheeky sparkle and vibrantly packaged, Robertson Winery’s Non-Alcoholic Sparkling products are very easy to love.

Best served well-chilled to keep the bubbles and flavours at their peak.

Robertson Winery’s Non-Alcoholic Sparkling products sell for R55 nationwide. Also available on their RW online shop–link below.

robertsonwinery.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Non-alcoholic Belgravia Gin and St Kitts Mocktails

The concept of mocktails is certainly not a new one. Bars have long had the option to drop the alcohol from your cocktail and voila make it a mocktail. We do love the idea of a pre-mix that you can enjoy at home though, all the flavours of your fav cocktail without the alcohol and without having to have a bunch of different mixers on hand. Essentially they do the work for you.

There are two non-alcoholic beverage variants of the ever-popular Belgravia Gin premix range. This includes a non-alcoholic gin and tonic, in addition to a refreshing gin and dry lemon. These ready to drink bottles include a blend of the botanicals used to flavour gin to give you a premium drinking experience, just without the alcohol.

Enjoying a St Kitts Mocktail is the perfect way to bring the Caribbean island of St Kitts to your home, without the schlep of the long haul or the travel restrictions.

All St. Kitts Mocktails are carefully blended with a unique blend of fruit juice and flavours, delivering a world-class cocktail experience, without the alcohol.

Available flavours include Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada and Margarita.

Both of the non-alcoholic beverages are now available at the majority of Pick n Pay, Pick n Pay Liquor stores as well as at several of the other leading liquor retailers and selected independent liquor stores. St Kitts Mocktails are currently only available on Takealot.

belgraviagin.co.za | Facebook

Van Loveren Almost and Absolute Zero Ranges

Van Loveren’s range of low and non-alcoholic beverage offerings includes wine and bubbly. Wonderful White, Ravishing Rose and Radiant Red form the Almost Zero range with less than 0.4% alcohol. The latest range of sparkling wines, Absolute Zero, have 0.0% alcohol and are perfect to be enjoyed by everyone, anywhere, anytime.

The newcomer satisfies the demand for an even more versatile, premium-style wine and reaches more people in a trend towards healthier living that is increasingly evident across the globe.

Absolute Zero allows you to easily embrace mindful drinking and major lifestyle changes; navigate stricter driving laws; detox; and even go alcohol-free for a day, week, month or forever.

Absolute Zero sells for R100 and is currently available at Makro, Ultra, selected Spars and independent stores. Alternatively, you can buy online, website link below.

vanloveren.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Piekenierskloof De-alcoholised Wines

Piekenierskloof Wines recently debuted its latest addition to the beloved Six Hats wine-range in the form of two de-alcoholised wines, a white and a red blend. With the fast-growing trend for mindful drinking, these refreshing de-alcoholised wines will easily become a new favourite. With their Six Hats range providing consumers with easy-drinking wines, this duo complements the range perfectly, especially during occasions where one has to watch your alcohol intake or prefers to enjoy something on the lighter side.

The Six Hats de-alcoholised White, a Chenin Blanc, is light in colour with hints of tropical flavours, the only change being the alcohol level that has been reduced gently to less than 0.5% ABV before bottling.

With a well-balanced, and exciting blend of Tempranillo, Tannat and Tinta Amarella, the Six Hats de-alcoholised Red provide a dark ruby-red colour with aromas of ripe red fruit and caramelized popcorn on the palate.

Cellar Door Price & RSP: R85 per bottle

piekenierskloofwines.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Kollegin Non-Alcoholic Gin

KolleGin, a handcrafted gin inspired by women of all walks of life, has ventured into the non-alcoholic gin market with four different non-alcoholic beverage variations. It’s the perfect drink for gin-lovers who are trying to be more mindful of what they drink or are trying to cut back on their alcohol intake.

The Prickly Pear & Elderflower Kollegin has a wide array of flavours, a bouquet of honeydew melon, fig, strawberry, and pineapple, combined with a slight acidity.

Their Litchi & Ginger Kollegin is perfect for those summery days spent relaxing with friends. It has an array of soft sweet tropical flavours, supported with the slight spiciness of ginger.

Rose Kollegin is not only delicious but also infused with collagen. A rose and juniper berry infusion, that has sweet notes of flowers and a slight Turkish delight taste with subtle lime flavours.

The original non-alcoholic Kollegin is a juniper berry flavoured drink infused with collagen that leaves a trail of integrated spices and fruit that complement the tangy taste of the juniper berry.

Starting Price: R240

kollegin.co.za| Instagram

Ceder’s Classic Alt-Gin

Owned by a South African/Swedish couple, Ceder’s Classic Gin aims to represent both cultures in their products. Their gin is distilled in exotic Cape and classic gin styles and then blended with ancient and pristine Swedish water. This juxtaposition results in a distilled non-alcoholic alt-gin that is as close to the real thing as you can get.

Ceder’s Classic Gin range consists of four different non-alcoholic alt-gin’s that cater to a multitude of preferences. Their classic gin is a blend of classic gin botanicals such as juniper and coriander, combined with hints of geranium and Cape floral fynbos. Ceder’s Crisp gin is a refreshing blend of classic gin botanicals such as juniper and citrus, combined with cucumber and calming camomile.

Ceder’s Wild gin is an intriguing blend of classic gin botanicals such as juniper and ginger, combined with clove and rooibos. Lastly, Ceder’s Pink Rose gin is an irresistible blend of classic gin botanicals, combined with subtle notes of rose and sweet hibiscus.

Starting Price: R380


Abstinence: Premium Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits

The Abstinence brand is known for its award-winning products that are inspired by the biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom in the Western Cape – the smallest yet most diverse floral kingdom in the world! Their non-alcoholic spirits and aperitifs are made using an artisanal hydro distillation process that is remarkably similar to making craft spirits.

The botanicals are extracted by maceration and infusion and distilled with the same distilling equipment that you would use for any other spirit — they just don’t use any alcohol in their process. The result is layered and complex non-alcoholic spirits.

Their range consists of five different spirits and aperitifs that differ to cater to everyone’s different tastes and needs. They’ve also got a new spirit launching soon, Epilogue. It’s got flavours of American oak, blended malt, vanilla, cassia, clove and honeybush. Keep an eye out for this one, you won’t want to miss it!

When it comes to Non-alcoholic beverages, Abstinence gives you a bevy of options to choose from.

Starting Price: R129

abstinencespirits.com | Instagram


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