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In the Zulu language woza means ‘come’, and this is the name of a snappy South African café in the centre of Cape Town. It’s an apt name for this welcoming little spot, where staff invite you in with smiles and convivial greetings ‘woza…come in, sit down and relax’.

Located on the corner of Burg and Church streets, it’s right at the entrance to Green Market Square, an iconic spot in town that is always buzzing with activity. The café is a brightly coloured little gem and stands out – not only because of its bright yellow and red walls, but also because of its food, which is totally and authentically South African – something that is actually quite hard to come by in a restaurant setting.

We ordered the boerewors roll, which comes with homemade chakalaka and the choice of roosterkoek, vetkoek or steamed bread. We opted for the roosterkoek and are not disappointed. The meal is exceptionally simple, but packed with flavour. It’s hard to go wrong with a freshly baked roosterkoek and a piece of juicy boerie, but the clincher is the chakalaka. This traditional veggie relish is genuinely full or flavour with just the right amount of spiciness to enjoy at lunchtime. It’s so impressive that we order another two boerie meals with vetkoek and an extra side of chakalaka to go!


The menu also includes more traditional African dishes such as samp and beans, tripe, pap, tshisha nyama, chicken or beef stew and muriwo. For those that feel less adventurous, there is also a burger, quarter grilled chicken or omelettes at breakfast time.

The food is exceptionally well priced, with the boerie meal coming in at only R20 – which is almost unheard of, certainly in town. Order an amagwinya (vetkoek) with cheese and jam for just R10.50. It’s a steal for the portion size. With a steady stream of office workers and walks in’s coming through the doors, we have no doubt that by the end of the day there’s not a roosterkoek, vetkoek or steamed bread to be had!

It’s probably unusual fare for most of the surrounding office spots, but it makes for a seriously refreshing change. It’s great to have a café serving authentically South African dishes in a vibey and bright town setting.

Stop by Woza for down-to earth food and friendly service; take a moment to chill and absorb the vibe, after all you are on African time…

Corner of Church Street and Burg Street, Cape Town
021 422 0053 | Facebook | Twitter 

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