The Colourful World of Crumbs & Cream Ice Cream

Words: Tam Selley

You’re sitting in a multi-coloured room on a swing, high energy music swimming in your ears and sweet ice cream sandwiched between fresh cookies in your hands – no, you’re not at a music festival or a funfair – this is Crumbs & Cream and you don’t need to pay entrance to get in.

Crumbs & Cream

Crumbs & Cream was founded in 2016 by sisters Shahar Ben Artzi and Or Lahat. Appealing to the young, carefree sweet-lover with their funky flavours and bright, colourful stores that mirror their equally exciting cookie and ice cream combos.

Expect to be met with vibey music, colourful paint-splashed walls and patrons sitting on swing-chairs.

They serve up a yummy selection of flavoured scoops sandwiched between cookies of your choice, vegan options are also included. You can also opt for the ice cream by itself, or try one of their new decadent milkshake creations.

We chat to one-half of the cookie connoisseurs that changed the ice cream game in Cape Town, Shahar. Bubbly, young and full of energy, she invites us into her equally exciting store to tell us about Crumbs & Cream, how it all started, and where they’re planning on going.

Crumbs & Cream

We talk to Shahar from Crumbs & Cream

You revolutionised the ice cream game here in CT, introducing cookies to our favourite scoops, what sparked this idea?

We saw the concept of cookies and ice cream in the US, they have them everywhere! While I was on maternity leave I decided to visit my sister in Cape Town for two weeks and during this time we conceptualised a business plan, as we saw a gap in the market here in Cape Town.

What would you say makes your brand unique?

There were places here selling ice cream but no one was doing ice cream sandwiches. We also wanted to invite a sense of smell into our store with our freshly baked cookies.

You also managed to take CT by storm in a matter of months! How did you manage this? Or was it kind of out your control?

We first started with a small truck at the  V&A Waterfront to see of people would like it, and they did! People kept coming to our truck and sharing pictures on social media which created quite a hype. That’s when we decided to open the Sea Point store. We took a while to prepare the branding and logo; the thought process and planning behind the brand was quite extensive, but with the aid of social media we were able to spread the word about our brand in a very short period.

We love the girl-power happening here! What made you decide to get into business as sisters, and what were you doing before your Crumbs & Cream baby?

Well, to be honest, it was kind of a surprise to us too. We were both in the same kind of phase in our lives and looking to do something different. We both really loved the idea of bringing Crumbs & Cream to Cape Town, and we thought it was a perfect match with my advertising background and Or’s business management background. So, I moved here in 2015 to start up Crumbs & Cream with Or, as we saw a gap in the market and wanted to fill it.

Tell us more about the decor – what is the inspiration behind your image?

We wanted it to be a fun environment for the younger generation, to invite people in with the colours, vibe and music. We have mainly aimed to have a young and ‘cool’ image, but we’ve also gained a huge following with the kids and families too.

Crumbs & Cream

What would you say is your “signature sarmie”?

I would say that our signature sarmie would be our blue Oreo monster ice cream sandwiched with our choc-chip or brownie cookies.

Do you have any healthy/vegan alternatives?

Yes, for us it’s only natural to want to include vegan options because Tel Aviv, where we are from, is probably the most vegan-friendly place in the world! The vegan culture is so prominent there, so we always have vegan options available all the time.

We have the Vegan Heaven Cookie with dark chocolate and pecan nuts, which is so tasty.

All of our sorbets are vegan and we have sugar-free options as well – no more than 60 calories per scoop.

Crumbs & Cream

What is your favourite flavour?

I’m definitely more of a sorbet girl – my favourite is the lemon.

We know you have a shop in JHB already and your ice cream truck at the V&A; any plans to expand further?

Yes, we have set up a franchise model already so that we can start expanding our brand, so keep an eye out! We’ve also introduced event solutions now, so you can hire us to cater for you at any event or birthday. We have mobile freezers with pre-made ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cakes that you can order.

When you aren’t serving up sweet scoops, what are you up to?

I’m the mother of a 3-year old very cute and excitable boy, who loves a good sugar rush at Crumbs & Cream. We try and keep him away but he knows how to get to the mini mallows and the rainbow cookies, so it’s always interesting when he comes to the store! Other than that I enjoy doing pilates and yoga.

Do you test your creations with little ones?

Yes, my little one runs rampant throughout the store whenever we are here, which is all the time because we live around the corner. The rainbow cookies, mini mallows and slush puppy are his best friends.

Anything fresh and new that we can look forward to?

We have now introduced interactive DIY kits to do with the kids, where they are able to cut and mould their own cookie shapes. We’ve also got our new summer menu out, which has really cool milkshake series and new cookie flavours like our frozen cookie dough cookie.

If you could go back in time and make your signature sarmie for someone who would you choose?

I would make it for my husband because he has such a sweet tooth and I love experimenting flavours with him – I would make him a love sandwich!

Crumbs & Cream 

Location: 16 Regent Rd, Sea Point
Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11h00-23h00 Fri & Sat: 11h00-00h00
Contact: 081 343 2761 | facebook | instagram

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