The Company’s Garden Restaurant

CRUSH VISITS - December 2014

A tranquil green oasis set in the heart of the busy CBD. Great food, a gorgeous environment and a bit of Zingara magic!

Opening hours:
Daily from 7:00 to 18:00

Queen Victoria Street, Gardens CBD

021 423 2919 | e w


The Company’s Garden Restaurant, (previously called Haarlem and Hope), is located amongst lush greenery and the cool shade of age-old trees – as the name suggests its home is in Company Gardens, in Cape Town’s CBD. It is nestled almost imperceptibly in the gardens, constructed in wood and natural tones it blends seamlessly into its surroundings. With natural stone floors, pale green finishings and potted plants, the lines between inside and outside become blurred in a tranquil and comfortable way. Giant tree swings and tree houses built into the gardens give visitors a clue to it being a part of the magical Zingara group, where a little bit of quirky charm goes without saying.

The menu is reasonably priced as Cape Town standards go and includes a selection of salads, burgers, sandwiches and cakes. There are also items like a Ploughmans Platter, and traditional Cape favourites such as Bobotie Roti and a Dhaltjie Burger. The food is generously sized, beautifully presented and full of flavour.

The setting is really a sublime getaway from the hustle of the CBD, the shaded tables and outdoor setting make it a great space to relax and enjoy a meal. If you work in the area this is a perfect spot to stop in for a morning takeaway Deluxe coffee, or if you have time, a sit down cuppa with a stack of yummy french toast, fresh berries and mascarpone – yum!

The transformation of this restaurant will surely draw visitors into the gardens and give them a space to sit back and linger longer and enjoy a great meal.

This spot set amongst the trees is a cool and relaxed place to enjoy a meal.