Dilmah – An experience in Tea

Words: Crush

Members of the Crush team were lucky enough to be a part of an incredible tea tasting hosted by Dilmah Tea South Africa at the Queen Victoria Hotel in Cape Town. The tasting was an experience to remember, with a selection of six teas and an incredible tea spread. Guests were talked through the correct brewing and tasting process to correctly prepare and savour this special tea.

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Dilmah is a unique brand that is founded on a strong mantra of quality in teas. The range is vast and includes varieties like Ceylon Silver Tips White Tea, Nuwara Eliya Pekoe, Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe, Ceylon Cinnamon Tea, Lapsang Souchong, Rose and Vanilla (our personal favourite!) and more.

An exceptional High Tea was prepared by chefs Sam Wasserman and Dayne Bailey at the Queen Victoria Hotel which followed on after the tea tasting. Included were incredible treats like macaroons in 4 flavours, lemon meringue tartlets, Black Forest roulade… the list goes on and on! It was an indulgent treat on a whole new level!

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Dilmah Tea takes tea drinking to the next level, with an appreciation for quality, sustainability and using the absolute finest ingredients possible. Their range of teas gives drinkers a true tea experience with all the flavour and a genuine understanding of what it takes to make the perfect cup.

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Dilmah is available in Pick ‘n Pay and all teas are available online on www.dilmahtea.co.za

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