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If there’s one redeemable quality about winter, it’s that it’s citrus season and with citrus season in South Africa, comes ClemenGold®. It’s no secret that Crush loves these juicy mandarins — they are easy to peel, seedless and exceptionally sweet and citrusy. We also love how easy it is to incorporate their juicy deliciousness into both savoury and sweet dishes. Since COVID-19 is still very much alive and well, we thought we’d show you how to incorporate this remarkable citrus into all types of dishes so that you’re boosting your immune system with the power of vitamin C without even trying too hard.

Try these ClemenGold® Recipes

Try out these four scrumptious recipes using this amazing fruit in sweet and savoury dishes, for young and mature palates. Think citrus gummy sweets, froyo lollies and a hearty warm grain salad.

Vegan Roasted Pumpkin & ClemenGold® Soup

ClemenGold® vegan roast pumpkin soupJump back into winter with this classic combination made even better with the addition of citrusy ClemenGold® flavour. We’ve made this version vegan by using coconut milk and vegetable stock.

The roasted pumpkin gets beautifully caramelised and sweet, while the citrus offers zestiness that makes a deeply complex and flavourful soup.

We add some texture and crunch by roasting pumpkin seeds and adding toasted coconut flakes. A must for cold wintery nights!

Get the recipe for Vegan Roasted Pumpkin & ClemenGold® Soup

Bulgar Wheat, Kale & Halloumi Salad with ClemenGold® Dressing

ClemenGold® bulgar wheat saladA perfect salad for the winter time, this warm bulgar wheat, kale and halloumi salad is topped off with a zesty dressing that cuts through the richness of the halloumi and adds a sweet and zesty flavour to the dish.

Citrus works so well in dressings and marinades and ClemenGold® mandarins are the perfect option.

They’re sweet and tangy, which means you can forgo any added sugars, making this a healthier dressing option.

Get the recipe for Bulgar Wheat, Kale & Halloumi Salad with ClemenGold® Dressing

Homemade ClemenGold® Fruit Gummies

ClemenGold® homemade fruit gummies These little drops of sunshine are as delicious as they are healthy. With no added sugars, these homemade gummies are a nutritious lunchbox alternative to sugary snacks.  We’ve packed them with ClemenGold® juice, which gives them natural sweetness and fibre plus this gorgeous colour!

If your child is fruit-averse, this is a clever way to sneak some natural fibres and vitamins into their diet.

Get the recipe for Homemade ClemenGold® Fruit Gummies

ClemenGold® Creamsicles

ClemenGold® creamsicle lolliesclemengold bannerIf something is called a ‘Creamsicle’, you’re immediately compelled to eat it. Lucky for you, these are anything but a chore. Creamy, refreshing and delicious, while still being healthy and nutritious, these will be a hit with the kids!

We’ve combined ClemenGold® juice with plain yoghurt with a  hint of vanilla, that’s it!

It’s ridiculously easy, all you need are popsicle moulds — which you can use for a myriad of other enticing recipes.

Get the recipe for ClemenGold® Creamsicles | Instagram | Facebook

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