Cooking With ClemenGold® Flavour this Season

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We all have a childhood memory of getting handed a citrus fruit, peeling it open and getting a whiff of the wonderful sweet aroma, while the juice runs down our fingers. Then, quickly eating it all up so we could get back to playing. ClemenGold® mandarins really are the heroes of the citrus world, the very best sun-ripened goodness – eating one makes us feel nostalgic for simpler times.

What better way to take a trip down memory lane than with some delicious ClemenGold®-infused recipes. This wonder citrus boasts an unparalleled combination of flavour, aroma, juiciness and awe-inspiring appearance. But the real surprise is inside: lusciously juicy and subtly fragranced seedless flesh with a delectable taste that’s as naturally sweet as honey. The ClemenGold® mandarin flavour is perfect for elevating any dish or dessert.

ClemenGold® Glazed Kassler Chops with Charred Spring Onions

ClemenGold flavourIt’s like music to a cook’s ears when you hear that a dish is delicious, yet quick and simple to prepare. Luckily, this pork chop recipe ticks all the boxes, featuring a simple and tasty glaze.

Smokey Kassler-style pork chops and the sweetness of ClemenGold® mandarins are a match made in food heaven. We just love the pop of mustard seeds and the zingy fruit flavour of the fruit.

If you’ve got a griddle pan going, we highly recommend charring spring onions to go along with them, this is the simplest way to elevate these unsung heroes of the veggie world and they are a perfect savoury match for these tasty glazed chops.

Recipe for ClemenGold Glazed Kassler Chops with Charred Spring Onions

Ultimate S’mores with ClemenGold® Marshmallows

ClemenGold flavourS’mores invoke memories of camping, the thrill of toasting marshmallows and the inevitable sweet and sticky reward. What’s not to love? We’ve brought a little sophistication to this campfire classic making it a decadent treat for adults and kids alike.

Two wholewheat cookies infused with ClemenGold® zest hug a pillowy, citrus-infused homemade marshmallow.

Add a generous dollop of melty chocolate, a bit of brûléed caramelisation and you have yourself a sticky, finger-licking dessert that will wow. If you have a fire going, you can do it the old fashioned way, if not, a kitchen blowtorch will work just as well to get the dessert of your dreams.

Recipe for Ultimate S’mores with ClemenGold Marshmallows

Chocolate Dipped ClemenGold® Madeleines

ClemenGold flavourMadeleines au Chocolat or Chocolate Madeleines are the ultimate French classic teatime treat. Bite-sized, packed with delicious chocolate flavour and shaped as recognisable picture-perfect little shells.

We got the chance to give this classic a makeover by infusing with ClemenGold® mandarin flavour and dusting with zest and hazelnuts.

The flavour of the sun-ripened, aromatic citrus is a match made in heaven for the chocolate – these are sure to be a fan favourite at home.

Recipe for Chocolate Dipped ClemenGold Madeleines

ClemenGold® Miso Glazed Trout

ClemenGold flavourMiso’s flavour profile is in a league of its own, it’s the perfect combination of salty, earthy, sometimes a bit sweet and tangy. Now imagine that combined with the naturally sweet-as- honey flavour profile of ClemenGold® mandarins and you’ve got yourself a gourmet glaze.

We’ve used the tasty glaze on the trout, as well as to toss through the noodles, maximising the flavour.

Add your favourite green veggies and you have yourself a simple-to-make Asian dish that is jammed with flavour.

Recipe for ClemenGold Miso Glazed Trout

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