City Bowl Health Kitchen

CRUSH VISITS - March 2016

The menu is simple and unfussy and is a breath of fresh air...

Opening hours:

9 Commercial Street

021 461 0334 | e w


If you’re looking for a cosy spot in the CBD that serves well-priced food without the pretence, look no further than the City Bowl Health Kitchen. Located on Commercial Street this tiny, tucked away little spot can be hard to find, but once you know it’s there, you’ll go back again and again.

Caterina, Diana and Mauricio are three South Americans who have been living in Cape Town for a while. The trio decided to open the eatery a few months ago, and spent much of December 2015 furiously working to get the spot ready. All the work they put into it really paid off as the spot is light and airy, yet cosy at the same time. The courtyard area is lit with pretty down lighting, great textural elements such as cushions and throws and wooden planters containing succulents and greenery adorn the walls.

The menu is simple and unfussy and is a breath of fresh air in a sea of similar cafés that can over complicate simple breakfasts and lunch on the go. The menu will surprise Capetonians with really reasonable pricing and it will give pause for thought about being overcharged everywhere else.

For breakfast you can expect the basics and some dishes with South American flair. Ed De Verdad is a regular brekkie of bacon, 1 egg, 1 slice of toast, mushrooms and tomatoes for just R28. Or Mar Y Tierra – scrambled eggs with salmon and toast for R35. The portions are just right for a quick morning breakfast and you won’t leave feeling like you’ve had a huge Saturday morning fry up. If you need something to get you going for the day, try the Canlazo, a traditional Colombian hot drink of sugarcane, cinnamon sticks and lemon.

For lunch you can create your own salad for just R35, select your base (lettuce, spinach, pasta or a wrap) and then add ingredients from the list such as chickpeas, beetroot, peas, feta, sprouts and a protein. Its tough to beat a salad at that price, especially one that you can make just the way you like it. There are also make-your-own juices and smoothies, so you can tailor-make exactly what you want to have and change it up daily.

For most CBD office workers it is a daily a battle of whether to prepare food at home, or to purchase something for breakfast or lunch. It often comes down to a conversation of price and quality – do you make something at home to save money and know what you are consuming, or do you spend money daily buying food and often eating unhealthily? What we love about the City Bowl Health Kitchen is that their fair pricing and quality makes this question a moot point. The fact that you can create your own, also means you can’t get bored. It’s a win-win situation all round and we love it.

The best priced, healthy food you'll in find in the city.