Wine White

Circle of Life


Cantilevered into space between vineyard and mountains, the buildings of Waterkloof are at once dramatic and simple, anchored in, and embraced by, the environment in which it is rooted. Waterkloof has taken a bold step in creating a building with spectacular views interpreted with an equally bold use of modern materials.

Working with nature allows us to experience its natural cycle every year. Vines awaken from their rest in spring, growing and producing fruit until the next winter when they go to sleep again. This cycle is also evident through the biodynamic practices followed on Waterkloof. Circle of Life is inspired by this cycle that exists not only on the estate, but in life in general. The wine offers lime and peach notes on the nose. Intense flavours with great balance. A tight mineral core and creamy middle palate allows for great complexity and a persistent finish.

Waterkloof Circle of Life