Cape Wagyu Beef At Ken Forrester Wines

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Ken Forrester Cape Wagyu
Wagyu is the most prized cattle breed in the world. It is prized for its incredible marbling and legendary flavour. Wagyu beef, a luxury, premium product, is the beef of choice for many of the most respected chefs and is served at restaurants in the Cape and Winelands.

The breed originated in Japan and is now bred in the USA, Australia and for the last decade, in South Africa.  Ken Forrester Prime Beef PTY (Ltd) was founded in 2010 by a bunch of meat and wine loving enthusiasts. The original Wagyu genetics were imported in the form of embryos, destined for Angus surrogates. The very first Wagyu heifer calf was born on New Year’s Day in 2011 and is still on the farm producing the best offspring – the original, proud mother of the CAPE WAGYU herd.

The judges at the Branded Beef Competition described Wagyu beef as being “Tender, extremely juicy, with rich textures with plenty of flavour and a pleasant lasting taste on the palate, extraordinary beef!”

The farms and pastures are situated from Eersterivier to the foothills of the Helderberg Mountain, Stellenbosch and visitors are welcome to stop by.

Ken Forrester Prime Beef PTY (Ltd) began as a partnership with the quest to produce the very best beef in South Africa, utilising humane and sustainable practices such as free-range pastures, fresh, clean water, no growth hormones or routine antibiotics but with regular veterinary inspections.

Health benefits

Free-range, pasture fed beef contains a high percentage of oleaginous unsaturated fat including omega -3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids (healthy fats).

The ratio of mono-unsaturated fats to saturated fats is higher in Wagyu beef than normal beef. The ratio is 2:1 in Wagyu beef. The saturated fat in the Wagyu is different – 40% is in a version called stearic acid, which is regarded as having a minimal impact in raising cholesterol levels. Wagyu beef’s profile of marbling is more beneficial to human health.
CAPE WAGYU beef is supplied direct from the farm to the table.  The beef is hung and dry aged for 21 days before portioning and vacuum packing.  Prime cuts are always pre-sold on allocation.

Perfect for summer braais, Wagyu patties are made from 100% pure beef and contain no MSG’s or any other products – simply 100% CAPE WAGYU beef.

CAPE WAGYU Biltong and CAPE WAGYU Droëwors are flavoured with a proprietary blend of herbs and spice for the perfect flavour balance.

Where to try Cape Wagyu

Visit Ken Forrester Wines to experience a Wagyu platter. Taste this supreme beef, beautifully partnered with Rhône style red blends – Renegade and The GypsyPlatters are served Monday – Friday: 09h00 – 17h00 and Saturday: 9h30 – 15h30 at Ken Forrester Wines Cellar Door @ R110/platter.  If you can’t get there during those hours, you can enjoy and after hours tasting at 96 Winery Road Restaurant.

Ken Forrester Cape Wagyu

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