The Patisserie


Patisserie is a cosy, chic, French-styled bakery and coffee shop

Opening hours:

Post Office Centre, Rudd Road, Illovo

011 268 0022 or 011 268 0044 | e w


As one of Jo’burg’s trendiest foodie suburbs, Illovo is home to many unique spots for dinner and drinks, including one of the city’s best boutique bakeries. The Patisserie, a cosy, chic, French-styled bakery and coffee shop is a firm favourite in the area, and a great spot to stop for a leisurely breakfast or lunch, or to pick up sweet treats.

The silver cake stands are piled high with macarons, cupcakes and pastries of all flavours, shapes and sizes and the counter tops are laden with homemade pies and quiches.

There are friends chatting over cups of tea in the booths and others are filling their cake boxes with goodies. No matter when you visit the Patisserie it is abuzz with regulars enjoying this pretty taste of Paris in Jo’burg.

A feast for the eyes too, The Patisserie is beautifully decorated with retro checked black and white tiled floors, booths and chairs upholstered in delicately patterned fabric and the walls are covered in pink and white striped wall paper. The vintage display cabinets are also packed with lovely gifts and accessories to buy.

The friendly, attentive waiters at The Patisserie make you feel welcome and at ease, making this neighbourhood coffee shop and bakery a must-try for those on the lookout for a unique place to enjoy tea (or coffee) and cake in Jo’burg.