Busting Myths about Rosé Wine

Words: Robyn Paterson

Rosé is a wine varietal shrouded in myth and misconception about when and how it should be enjoyed. When it comes to wine, if someone is telling you how you ‘should’ be drinking it, we believe you should try your best to do the opposite, in fact, we encourage #outofthebox thinking. There are way too many rules and myths when it comes to drinking rosé, so we are here to bust them and tell you that if you like it, drink it, no matter the season.fleur du cap rose

Myths about Rosé: You can’t drink Rosé in Winter

One of the most common myths governing rosé is that you can only drink pink wine in the summer. Rosé sales boom come springtime and plummet as soon as the weather starts to shift. Why? Our taste buds don’t change with the weather!

While its notes of red berries and florals do lend rosé to being the perfect accompaniment to pool-side braais, lazy Sunday lunches (or brunches), and picnics on Bakoven beach, we are here to tell you that its potential reaches farther and wider than just summery days.

Rosé can be enjoyed all year round and actually pairs very well with heavier, wintery meals.

With its slight spiciness, acidic notes and hints of strawberry and juicy blackberry fruit, the Fleur Du Cap Chardonnay/Pinot Noir is the perfect rosé for both summer and winter. It holds its own against rich, wintery meals, and its crispness pairs well with a spicy curry or stew. Rosé also reminds us of lighter, summery days so why not drink it in the dead of winter to lift our spirits a bit.

Myths about Rose: Rosé doesn’t age

Rosé doesn’t have to be drunk as soon as you come back from the bottle store. It ages well and grows in complexity, so those bottles you bought at the beginning of summer but never quite got to don’t have to go to waste. Allow them to mature and develop in flavour. They will be even better when pairing them with a more robust meal during winter.

fleur du cap
fleur du cap rose
Myths about Rosé: Rosé is not just an aperitif

Do us a favour, at your next (small) dinner party, instead of asking your guests if they would like ‘red or white’ with dinner, try and add a rosé to your offering as well.

Rosé works very well as a food pairing wine, as it’s naturally crisp and acidic which allows it to complement richer flavours without overpowering the dish.

Wintery meals are often too heavy for a white, but too light for a red and this is where rosé offers a perfect balance between the two. Fleur Du Cap’s Chardonnay/Pinot Noir Rosé delivers a spicier aroma that will pair well with a fillet steak or cassoulet.

busting myths about roseUltimately, we endorse drinking wine based on personal preference, not what is currently socially acceptable. So, the next time one of your friends calls you out for not drinking rosé at the ‘acceptable’ time of year, send them to us.

Click to learn more about rosé as a varietal.

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