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Graham Beck MagnumsThe festive season is upon us and there seems to be a prevailing feeling that everyone is well and truly ready for a break. After what has been another challenging year globally, we can’t think of a better way to toast the upcoming season, than with the Graham Beck range of Cap Classiques. This year, we’re upscaling our festivities and serving Graham Beck magnum bottles (1,5 L) with bigger dishes designed for a group.

Festive Pairings with Graham Beck Cap Classique Magnums

From a stylish Prawn Saganaki scooped up on toasted baguette to an impressive standing Beef Rib Roast with a luxurious brandy and pepper cream sauce – these dishes were made for sharing. Before we get to the main event though, we kick off with a decadent brunch dish worth waking up for. And of course, we haven’t forgotten dessert – a stylish wreath cake that can be customised for your festive table. Whatever you choose to make for your get together, be sure that your guests glasses are filled with the best bubbly of the season.

Festive Panettone French Toast with Mascarpone & Berries

served with Graham Beck Brut 30 Year Celebration Magnum

Panettone_French_ToastGraham Beck Magnum recipe PairingsHolidays were made for lie ins… or were they? You’ll be leaping out of bed to tuck into this incredible breakfast or brunch dish made with Italian Panettone. Yes, we’ve taken this festive bread, dunked it in a mixture of eggs, milk and cream and fried in sizzling butter to make the most decadent French toast. Topped with honeyed mascarpone, drizzled with berry coulis and garnished with fresh berries and pecan nuts. It’s all that you want for a festive morning treat and then some.

Because this dish feels like a celebratory way to wake up and start the day, we’ve paired with something really special – Graham Beck’s 30 Year Celebration Brut Magnum.

 The unique blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in this milestone Cap Classique characterises it with complexity and longevity. It is an elegant and timeless expression of the best selections of the finest terroirs and includes the cellar’s perpetual reserve wine, which was meticulously initiated three decades ago and is used for the liquer d’expedition (dosage).

If you’re away for the season with friends or family, we think this brunch idea will be a favourite. The smell of buttery French toast and the sound of the popping of the cork on this very special bottle of Cap Classique is sure to gather everyone around the table in record time.

Recipe for Festive Panettone French Toast with Mascarpone & Berries

Prawn Saganaki with Toasted Baguette

paired with Graham Beck Blanc de BlancsPrawn_SaganakiGraham Beck Magnum recipe PairingsPrawns are always a crowd pleaser and this way of serving them ensures as host or hostess, you spend minimal time in the kitchen and maximum time with loved ones. The deep, aromatic tomato sauce acts as a base to poach the prawns in and grilling the feta gives it a nutty, caramelised flavour. This dish is surprisingly easy to prepare and goes a long way to serving a group. We love the laid back nature of it – place into the centre of a table with crisp toast and let everyone tuck in. To make it even easier you can serve with fresh crusty bread, ideal for mopping up all that sauce.

We’ve paired this prawn dish with a stalwart of the range, a magnum of Graham Beck Blanc de Blancs.

The delicately balanced flavours of succulent citrus, brioche and spice combine with yeasty complexity, broadening the palate with layered textures and leading to a long finish.

Pop the cork on a magnum of Graham Beck Blanc de Blancs, top up glasses and serve your guests this perfect pairing. This is sophisticated yet fuss free entertaining at its best.

Recipe for Prawn Saganaki with Toasted Baguette

Standing Rib Roast with Brandy & Pepper Sauce

paired with Graham Beck Pinot Noir Rosé

Standing_Ribeye_graham beck magnumGraham Beck Magnum recipe PairingsIf you’re set to impress this year, then we have the ultimate pairing for you – this standing rib roast served with Graham Beck Pinot Noir Rosé. While this standing roast can seem like a daunting task, ask your butcher to help by cutting and frenching the bones for you. Once that is done, the rest is really just down to grilling it to perfection. This roast, made up of tomahawk-style rib eye steaks, is possibly the most tender and juicy style of roast you’ll find. A full steak will serve two people, so this is also a great way to feed a bigger group.

To match this show stopping centrepiece, we need something unique and a magnum of Graham Beck Pinot Noir Rosé is ideal.

The Pinot Noir in the wine lends a berry-laden ripeness and subtle spiciness, while the Chardonnay contributes creamy complexity. It doesn’t hurt that the colour of this delightful Cap Classique is mirrored in the blushing pink of the perfectly cooked steak.

To serve with it we’ve prepared a creamy pepper sauce, complete with sweetness (and a little dramatic flair) from flambéed brandy. Your favourite roast potatoes or potato bake will be an ideal accompaniment. Fact: meat and potatoes never go out of style.

Get the recipe for this Standing Rib Roast with Brandy & Pepper Sauce

Celebration Wreath Cake

paird with Graham Beck Brut Non Vintage

chocolate wreath cake graham beck magnumGraham Beck Magnum recipe PairingsA wreath is an iconic feature of many cultures and is specifically symbolic during the festive season – its circular shape and evergreen material make it a representation of the circle of life, the change of seasons, and in colder climates, a promise from Mother Nature that post the cold, hard months of winter, come the months of spring sunshine and bounty.

We love how adaptable this cake is – a base of rich, dark chocolate cake is topped with chocolate ganache and from there can be decorated in any way to suit your table and colour scheme. We’ve used dried oranges, rosemary, white chocolate balls and gooseberry flowers but you could go more traditional with red berries like raspberries and cherries with shards of dark chocolate. Don’t forget a dusting of edible gold shimmer for maximum festive glam.

To cut through the richness of this cake and to make sure there are enough bubbles for everyone, we’re serving it with a magnum of Graham Beck Brut Non Vintage.

With its light yeasty aromas, limey fresh fruit on the nose and rich creamy complexity on the palate, the Brut NV is intended to cleanse the palate and stimulate the taste buds. Perfect for this rich, velvety cake.

Get the Recipe for this Celebration Wreath Cake

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