Festive Season Decor Ideas

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The festive season is pretty much the only time of year that we get to go all out with decor, both on the dinner table and around the house. It’s always easier to have a theme when decorating, even if its fairly broad. This year, we’re loving laid back, minimalist summery vibes. It’s been a long year, so we’re keeping it simple.

We’ve gathered some of our favourite pics to give you some inspiration and ideas on how to decorate your dinner table and house this festive season — whether you’re looking for something minimalist, or extravagant, it’s always fun to make a bit of an effort. The food doesn’t have to be the only showstopper this year!

Laid Back and Minimalist Decor Ideas

Sometimes all you’re looking for is a subtle nod to the occasion in the form of a flower arrangement or subtle centrepiece. We love the idea of using natural florals and fynbos as part of your festive decoration.

Table Decor Ideas (Suited to Summer)

Most of the Christmas content we consume is set in the Northern Hemisphere, where it’s snowing and freezing cold. We’re lucky enough to enjoy our festive season in the warm African sun, so here are some ideas for table settings more suited to our continent.

Light it Up!

Fairy lights are one of the season’s greatest gifts. Don’t skimp on them this year! Whether celebrating indoors or outside, fairy lights always add to the festive cheer. Have some fun with them and use them as part of your table setting or upcycle old wine bottles and make festive light features.

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