An Extraordinary Journey of Discovery with Graham Beck

Words: Crush

Over the years Graham Beck has established a reputation as one of South Africa’s leading Cap Classique producers, striving for consistency, quality and continuous innovation. At the custom built Méthode Cap Classique cellar in Robertson, their team continues to pursue the perfect bubble. The captain at the helm of this extraordinary vessel of discovery is Cellarmaster Pieter ‘Bubbles’ Ferreira, assisted by winemaker Pierre de Klerk.

Passion for Bubbles

Their passion for the job at hand shines through in every bottle, every sip and each tiny bubble, as they work tirelessly to ensure that Graham Beck Cap Classiques remain synonymous with sophistication, flair and timeless appeal.

The first Non Vintage was released in 1993 and they’ve never looked back! After years of refining their focus and honing their choice of suitable clones, site selection and vineyard and cellar practices, they are reaping the rewards.

“We always aim to capture the unique fruit characteristics of each variety. It’s our goal to ensure the ultimate in elegance and finesse,” explains Pieter.

The search for the quintessential Cap Classique propels their passionate band of bubbly alchemists forward as they continue to follow their calling and hone their craft…

Affectionately dubbed the “President’s Choice”, the Brut NV was served at both Nelson Mandela’s inauguration and Barack Obama’s presidential win.

Graham Beck Methode Cap Classique

This delightful sparkling wine exudes light yeasty aromas, limey fresh fruit on the nose, and rich creamy complexity on the palate. This Brut NV is intended to cleanse the palate, stimulate the taste buds and entice you to progress to the ‘next level’ in your tasting journey as you savour the nuances and complexities of the other bubblies in our portfolio.

When introduced to the Brut NV your love affair with Graham Beck begins – this versatile and engaging bubbly will soon become an absolute staple in your repertoire. Always ensure you have a bottle or several stashed in the refrigerator!

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