All Kinds of Crazy For Jason Bakery

Words: Tam Selley

An amalgamation of pastry mash-ups, brekkie favourites, kick-ass pies, sexy salads and the most glorious bread in town can be found at Cape Town’s blue-eyed bakery. The birth of Jason Bakery in 2011 marked a quintessential year in the foodie calendar; what was once a quaint and unassuming spot on the corner of Bree & Bloem Streets, became what is now one of the most well-known and beloved bakery names in the Mother City, with expansion into the vibey suburb of Green Point.

Captain Bread

Owner and baker, Jason Lilley, is a strong proponent of the benefits of bread – a somewhat feared food amongst many modern-day snackers. This doesn’t mean he is an advocate for store-bought, mass-produced bread, it just means he believes in the humble basics of good, old-fashioned homemade bread, with none of the nasty additives and fillers.

Familiarly known around Cape Town as Captain Bread, this guy knows his dough.

After the enormous success of his Bree Street bakery, Jason found it time for the booming enterprise to extend its pâtisserie excellence to its bigger, and equally delicious counterpart, in Green Point – the second edition of Jason Bakery.

Rolling Pins & Melting Pots

The space at the Green Point branch displays the same masculine hues of black and grey, as seen in the Bree Street store, with metal and wooden finishes. It also sports quirky additions such as the rolling pin balcony and views of the in-house working bakery, where patrons can watch the creative baking process unfold.

You will find a varied bunch of Capetonians at both Jason Bakery branches, from cyclists enjoying their post-ride brekkies to families and foodies alike enjoying their creations. It’s a unification of folk from all over sharing a love for good food and good vibes.

Chop and Change

While Cape Town is renowned for its plethora of breakfast spots and bakeries, Jason Bakery is a firm favourite amongst CT food-lovers for two reasons: consistency and inventiveness. You know that you’re in for a good meal when you arrive but it’s the element of surprise on the menu that keeps things interesting.

Jason Bakery

The diverse menu at Jason Bakery ensures that there is something for everyone’s palate. Whether you’re in for an indulgent Saturday morning doughssant, a full-on brekkie layered with cheesy Emmental and crispy bacon, a kick-ass pie, or a fresh wholesome salad, Jason Bakery has got your back. Just don’t expect to see many repeats of specialities like the doughssants, because this menu is always a changin’.

The Menu

You’ll be spoilt for choice at Jason Bakery, which is probably the only thing that’s difficult about going – everything on the menu just sounds so damn good and we guarantee that your eyes will be bigger than your tummy.

For brekkie, an all time fave is the Breakfast Toastie with mushroom ragout, thick cut streaky bacon, Colby cheddar and a fried egg served with Jason’s famous sourdough bread. The Bomb, Shakshuka and Apple Pie Oats are also noteworthy.

Jason Bakery

For lunch, sink your teeth into one of the decadent toasted sarmies on the menu, our favourite is The Cuban with pulled pork shoulder, Emmental, hickory ham, gherkins and Dijon mustard. Or, indulge in a buttery, flaky and comforting kick-ass pie with flavours that change daily. If you’re feeling something a little lighter and healthier, there is an awesome Kale and Quinoa Salad with fresh orange, dates and toasted almonds.

Bubbles and Baristas

Besides the glorious food, Jason Bakery also has amazing gourmet coffee, fresh juices and lovely teas on the menu, and for those seeking more adventurous breakfast or lunch beverages – bubbly, craft beer and wine is served from 10h00.

Sweet Treats

For the sweet tooths – brace yourselves. You’re about to revisit a state of childlike euphoria over the pastries at Jason Bakery. Then cue the tantrums, because you’re about to discover that these guys don’t bake their culinary creations twice.

Jason Bakery

Besides the standard pastries and cakes, such as their decadent chocolate brownie and carrot cake cheesecake, their croissant cups and mini filled croissants have fillings that change daily. Try any one of these with a gorgeous cuppa coffs – they have some of the best coffee in Cape Town.

In addition to this, adventurous tarts and pastries debut on the menu every day, and every day of the week bring something extra special. Of all days, our favourite day has to be Saturday…

Sacred Saturday’s at Jason Bakery

Come hell or high hangover, Saturdays are spent at Jason Bakery for the weekly edition of the doughssant. The doughssant is the lovechild of the croissant and doughnut, inspired by the New York ‘Cronut’.

Jason decided to reinvent this item of hybrid excellence with his own little twist, with creations like ‘The Waffle Stack’, filled with a salted maple pot de crème, topped with brown buttercream frosting and stacked with a mini waffle crisp and maple syrup. These ingenious inventions are whipped up at both branches every Saturday, each week introducing a new addition to the Doughssant family.

Jason Bakery

It was only once that we were able to enjoy replicas of our favourite doughssants and that was when Jason generously offered us a countdown of the top 10 Doughssants of all time. Apart from this, the same Doughssant is never made twice. This is why it is essential to get your bums out of bed early on Saturday mornings to avoid missing out and having to endure the reams of doughssant envy on social media. We suggest pre-ordering these babies online to ensure you can scoop one up and rest easy Friday night. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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