A Seat at the Table with Nederburg Heritage Heroes & Local Cuisine

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Recognition isn’t simply garnered, it’s the accumulation of years, even centuries of coalesced wins, blended and seasoned by skill. It’s cultivated with time and nurtured by hands, much like our nation’s rich heritage of wine and food. To celebrate Nederburg’s winemakers, we’ve paired three wines from the Nederburg Heritage Heroes collection, with four unapologetically South African dishes. Every dish imbued with rich stories of each winemaker’s legacy.

Nederburg Heritage Heroes Recipe Pairings

Take a seat at the table and dine with us as we pay homage to Nederburg’s legendary winemakers and South Africa’s rich cuisine in an iconic duo.

Smoked Fish Pie paired with The Anchorman

At the helm of Nederburg’s Heritage Hero collection lies The Anchorman, a tribute to founder, Philippus Wolvaart, who dropped anchor and established the farm. This vintage Chenin Blanc was cultivated through various winemaking techniques to produce a rich, layered wine. We couldn’t think of a better dish to reel in those flavours than beautifully smoked snoek.

Subtle sweet notes imparted by the Chenin grapes enhance the sea salt and smoky flavour of the snoek. Mellow flavours in this dish are lifted by the spiced notes of the Chenin Blanc.

Snoek has that lovely melt-in-mouth texture; to complement it we created a deliciously creamy and velvety sauce, added peas for good measure, infused with fresh dill, thyme and lemon zest. Aromatic garlic and shimeji mushrooms add a nutty, umami flavour to this dish. Topped with rounds of golden puff pastry, this pie is a real winter warmer.

Smoked Fish Pie Recipe

Beef Meatball Tomato Bredie with The Motorcycle Marvel

Nederburg Heritage Heroes

Inspired by winemaker, Günter Brözel, who helped drive Nederburg’s success, The Motorcycle Marvel is underpinned by tannins, sweet spice and berry flavours. Legend has it, this winemaker would patrol the vineyards on his motorcycle.

Pap is the epitome of comfort food and we’ve added coriander and a dollop of buttery goodness to our pot. Lastly, garnish with Parmesan cheese, pour a glass of Motorcycle Marvel and tuck in.

This Rhône-style blend of Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvèdre is ideal paired with hearty winter dishes, and Meatball Bredie is just that. Succulent and flavourful, we’ve seasoned our ground beef with cumin, coriander, chilli powder, a sprinkle of Worcestershire sauce for umami, and massaged the beef before shaping our meatballs. We’ve caramelised the exterior and cooked up a delicious sauce by frying bay leaves and cinnamon sticks. For depth of flavour, we’ve added these essentials for a winning sauce — tomato paste, thyme, coriander, chopped garlic and ginger. The result is a rich bredie-style sauce with hearty meatballs.

Pap is the epitome of comfort food and we’ve added coriander and a dollop of buttery goodness to our pot. Lastly, garnish with Parmesan cheese, pour a glass of Motorcycle Marvel and tuck in.

Beef Meatball Tomato Bredie Recipe

Oxtail Shepherd’s Pie with Parmesan Mash Topping & The Brew Master

Nederburg’s Heritage Hero collection wouldn’t be complete without The Brew Master. This Bordeaux-style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc, is an ode to winemaker, Johann Graue, who also co-owned a leading German beer brewery before coming to South Africa and taking over the reins at Nederburg.

Classic notes of dark fruit aromas, this Bordeaux blend pairs beautifully with the rich and dark favours in this oxtail pie. A mash-up of flavours you could never forget!

To show appreciation for The Brew Master’s love of developed flavours, we’ve made an oxtail pie steeped with flavour. Beefy oxtail cooked in stock and red wine with onion, sage and bay leaves, all impart rich flavours in this dish, but the most crucial ingredient is time.

We’ve slow-cooked our oxtail to perfection, for that fall-off-the-bone texture and allowed the flavours to stew before removing the meat from the bone. Because we wanted to take our Shepherd’s Pie one step further, we’ve topped it with creamy and buttery Parmesan mash.

Oxtail Shepherd’s Pie with Parmesan Mash Topping Recipe

Amagwinya with Chocolate Crème Pâtissière & Cherries & The Brew Master

Ending the Nederburg Heritage Hero tour on a sweet note, we’ve made a dish championed by every South African. Whether you know it as ‘amagwinya’ or ‘vetkoek’, it’s delicious either way. Because The Brew Master was a lover of all things brewed, including tea, we’ve reimagined this iconic teatime treat.

Decadent flavours of the chocolate crème pât and chopped cherries are perfectly blended with the Black Forest flavours in this Bordeaux-style blend.

After kneading and shaping our dough, we’ve fried them to absolute golden perfection. As a nod to one of our favoured ‘gwinya fillings, jam — we’ve given these ‘gwinyas a Parisian twist and filled them with cherries and a chocolate crème pât. We’ve dusted them with icing sugar and drizzled extra cherry sauce, for the ultimate indulgence.

Amagwinya with Chocolate Crème Pâtissière & Cherries Recipe

Feeling inspired to get into the kitchen? Try cooking these Nederburg Food & Wine Paired recipes for the ultimate feast. You can also read more about the legends behind the Nederburg Heritage Heroes Collection.

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